RM (BTS) Releases Track List and Teaser for Album ‘Indigo’


Kim Namjoon (BTS) dropped the tracklist for their upcoming album ‘Indigo’ on 24 November 12 KST. The tracklist titled #10 ‘Blue’ (part one) features a wide range of collaborations with artists from the US to Korea. “Indigo” will see over eight artists feature, including the hotly anticipated track featuring Erykah Badu. With a variety in genre, one has no idea how the album will sound.

“Wild Flower” will be the main track of the album. “Wildflower” carries RM's wish to live just like a calm wildflower, not a flame that is flamboyant but disappears in an instant. In a statement, Big Hit highlights the achievements in his musical career.

“RM has achieved more than just collaboration with various musicians but one that goes beyond the boundaries of music and art. He contained his honest feelings, worries, and various other thoughts in 'Indigo,' as he has always frankly told his story through his works."

The album is to reflect the last of his 20s which has been in the works since 2019. The following from the tracklist release is a brief teaser video released by Spotify. In a hue of blues, RM narrates the concept of the album “I have spent a long time in the dark, searching for answers to what I want and who I am.”

One thing is for sure this album follows on from the complex, relatable, and emotional mixtape “Mono.”

To capture the essence and intimate look into RM’s archives with a small intimate gig announced by Bighit. The show will accommodate just 200 fans that will see a one-on-one experience with no digital phones allowed. No minors are allowed with a deep dive into topics 20+s and above have experienced. The event will take place on December 5, 2022, at 8 pm KST. Tickets are competition entries only with selected winners receiving tickets. Read more information here. 

Fans know RM is an avid reader of poetry and philosophy. He’s also recommended some wonderful books and strong advice for those struggling with life. ‘Indigo’ looks set to be all those thoughts, learnings, and experiences compiled into a CD for fans to indulge in.

‘Indigo’ is to be released December 2, and is available in two options‘ Book’ and ‘Postcard.’ Both are available on weverse, Cokodive, and all good online retailers. 

Are you excited for RM's first full solo album? Let us know at @KpopWise! 

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