Summary of OMEGA X Press Conference Exposing Abuse from Spire Entertainment

⚠️Trigger Warning, this article contains details of abuse, gaslighting, and sexual harassment. 

On November 16, 2PM KST, eleven member boy group OMEGA X (Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Jeonghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan) along with their legal representatives Noh Jongeon and Seo Juyeon held a press conference at the Seoul Bar Association's Human Rights Room in regard to the situation with their former agency SPIRE Entertainment. 

The group revealed they will officially terminate their exclusive contract with SPIRE and file charges against them. 

Attorney Noh commented, "This is an unfair problem in our society, so the members mustered up the courage to stand here."

Attorney Seo also commented,  "This situation is an unfair power violation of the human rights of young people." 

Attorney Noh said that they have much evidence of sexual assault and abusive remarks.

Leader Jaehan explained the wrongs committed against them. "The CEO (Kang Seonghee) forced us to drink, made sexual harassment comments, and repeatedly sexually harassed us by grabbing our thighs and faces."

The CEO would even threaten to not release another album if the members refused to drink. Sebin commented that he refused to go out drinking, so CEO Kang threatened that there would be no next album. 

Hangyeom also said during drinking, if a member was the "black knight" he could receive a gift, but if he refused, he would be looked at coldly by the CEO. 

Hangyeom revealed the reason he was absent for the Mexico City part of the tour was because he suffered a panic attack and couldn't breathe. 

He added, "Before I went to the hospital, I told her once that her behavior was literally making it hard for me to breathe properly."

Yechan also commented, "We felt like fools when we realized that we were being gaslighted. When the older members were called for drinks, I wanted to tag along and help. We got in the habit of just laughing it over with jokes or trying to forget it."

Hangyeom followed up, "I was always scared about when she may call. I am currently going through medical treatment, but the sound of the phone vibrating or ringing gives me the same sense of anxiety all over again."

Aside from sexual harassment of inappropriately touching thighs and faces, the CEO also made abusive comments about killing them, this caused the members to suffer from anxiety, and the members had to receive psychiatric treatment. Member Jehyun added that they feel anxious at the sound of a high-pitched female voice. 

Taedong said, "I don't think all companies are like that, but many trainees who dream of K-pop and idols who are currently active are being treated unfairly. 

In my case, my former agency made me practice 15 - 17 hours a day without a day off. I was treated unfairly, such as forcibly confiscating my cell phone, demanding my passcode, and checking each member's contact information, and so on. There was also surveillance," he said, which confirmed a practice of many Kpop idol companies. He teared up as he added that every day was hard because of the constant verbal and physical abuse. 

Hangyeom talked about his prior experience with a former agency as well, commenting although not him, but other members were beaten at the office or on tours. 

Xen gave positive affirmation saying, "To anyone out there who's going through similar things, I hope you won't be hurt by someone else. We were all born to be loved. Every one of you is special. I didn't know that before, and that led me to struggle and hide, but now I can get back on my feet because I know I deserve to be loved."

The attorneys said because the members' courage to pursue their dreams, they will do everything possible to ensure that the members can promote without losing their dreams.  

Leader Jaehan said, "Omega X has endured until now to protect our dream, but now we will be brave for our fans, family, and our members. All those who work after being treated unfairly somewhere in the world can listen to us and gather a little courage. 

In the future, the 11 members of Omega X will continue to move forward without giving up until the end.”

Members Yechan and Junghoon gave heartfelt messages to their international fans. 


To the loving For X around the world. During these few weeks, we received so many heartwarming comments and letters. Messages letting us know that you are always by our side. Thanks to the support, we decided to take courage. We promise we will never give up our dreams as long as you, For X are always with us. We'll stay strong and keep fighting against the CEOs. Thank you for always being with us. We love you and miss you a lot. Thank you. 


I want to say we're really proud of you For X. The hashtag #PROTECTOMEGAX you all made it, it really made us all feel better in a bad situation. So, I'm thankful for that, and I promise we'll never give up. Thank you so much For X. 


Finally, Jaehan talked about future communication with the fans. "We will open up a new Instagram account under the handle @omega_x__for_x. We will keep our communication with fans open during our lawsuit." Afterward, Jaehan broke into tears.

Until now, OMEGA X still has not received a formal apology from SPIRE.  The group will push forward and continue to release music.

*Summary is not in exact chronological order but rather grouped by subject matter. 

Check out the press conference stream below. 

(starts at 58:10) 

We wish for OMEGA X's success moving forward with the case. Keep following KpopWise for more updates. 

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