Connecting Rising Talent to Fans: Twinkple Makes it Easy


Now we as Korean entertainment fans know that Kpop has become a staple in pop culture. However, since the beginning, trainees have worked hard to fight their way into the industry. Nowadays, fans are more prone to learn about trainees and not just idols, but connecting with said talents can be harder then you think.

Luckily for us fans, there is a rising app that makes that more possible for trainee fans around the world. This way, trainees can give fans an insight to their lives and talent without the hassle of the their company. Said app's name is Twinkple by DaL LaLa, pretty name right?

Twinkple was created from the brilliant minds of co-founders Chawon Kim and Moon Ryu. Both are no strangers to the Korean Entertainment Industry, with Chawon being a former idol and independent artist and Moon a producer with a business background.

“The vision allows all artists around the world to have access to grow their skills without being hidden behind the walls of traditional entertainment agencies. This allows the artists to connect with fans before they even make a debut. The fans are able to choose the artists that they truly like and want to support.”

-Hannah Eubanks, Business Associate for DaL LaLa

Young but mighty, the app was released in 2021 but has garnered a whopping 200,000 downloads, with four different languages and over thirty new stars have debuted from it. With contests that are open to global trainees, the talent comes from all over. P.S. they are currently casting both male trainees and fans of the industry for their survival show!

“Despite the success of the Idol industry in South Korea, there exists a large demand that is unserved. As the entertainment industry evolves into prosumer (producer +consumer) interactions, we are creating products that are highly engaged by our users”

-Chawon Kim, CEO

Us Kpop fans are always die hard for our idols and appreciate the hard work they put in. We’re not blind to amazing potential and rising stars. If you want to become a part of the journey from the practice room to the live stage, download this amazing app!

You can check out popular Twinkple facilitated trainees LYURI, UL and Jongmin Moon below:

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.

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