[Cancelled] EPEX to Have First U.S Tour in 2023

Ciera Reeves

Boy group EPEX will have its first US tour in February 2023! 
The group will travel to 9 different cities. EPEX who debuted in June 2021, recently came back with their with their fourth EP, Prelude of Love Chapter 1: Puppy Love.

📍[New York, NY] 2/3 bit.ly/3Vu2Luc 📍[Reading, PA] 2/5 GA:bit.ly/3AVuqLZ VIP:bit.ly/3VnhWoO 📍[Atlanta, GA] 2/7 GA:bit.ly/3XPFowH VIP:bit.ly/3ucHnNZ 📍[Chicago, IL] 2/9

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