[Exclusive Interview] ONEUS Members Discuss Their Interesting Habits, Upcoming Tour, Zombie Apocalypses, and More

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ONEUS released their long awaited EP MALUS this past September and MALUS was everything TO MOON, ONEUS' fandom, hoped it would be. Not only did ONEUS release a fire album, but they also recently announced that they are embarking on a world tour! Keonhee, Seoho, Leedo, Hwanwoong, and Xion will begin their Reach for Us World Tour in New York next month and end in Brazil in February. Tickets have already gone on sale, but it's not too late to buy them! In celebration of their comeback and world tour, KpopWise connected with ONEUS members to discuss their music, upcoming tour, and other interesting/fun topics - check out their interview with us below. 


KW: Can you tell us what MALUS means and how you chose the name for your recent album?


Keonhee: MALUS was chosen because it expresses the charms we all have in the group and how they relate to good and evil. It’s about the forbidden fruit - that one coveted thing that shouldn’t be picked and eaten, but is in the back of everyone’s mind. 



KW: How long did it take for you to learn the choreography for "Same Scent?"


Hwanwoong: After everything was staged and the choreography finalized, I practiced intensively for about 10 days. Then we filmed the music video and I kept rehearsing until the comeback. 



KW: Is there any genre of music that you haven’t done already that you would like to try in the future? 


Seoho: I’ve played a little bit of everything, so I don’t think there’s anything new that I would like to try at the moment. I do want to continue playing and develop a genre that works best for me and what I’ve already created. 


Keonhee: ONEUS has experimented with a lot of genres and sounds, but there is still so much more to explore. I want to be an artist with a wide reach, playing across a wide spectrum. I want to be able to tell stories and create concepts that continue to entertain and surprise fans.



KW: What is your favorite styling from any of your comebacks? 


Xion: I like “LUNA”. We really dove into traditional Korean themes and concepts, and “LUNA” is a perfect example. It had so many elements that illustrate the beauty of Korea and our culture. I love watching TO MOON react and enjoy the tradition of it at every concert. 



KW: If you all had to pick one song from your discography that best describes your personality, which song would that be? 


Keonhee: “Now.” The song is about being present and honest in the moment - really feeling all of your feelings, so when you look back you don’t have any regrets. It’s really beautiful.


Xion: “Valkyrie.” This song marks the beginning of this journey, of ONEUS. It introduced us into the world and illustrated our aspirations to go out into the world. I always wanted to send good and happy energy out into the world, especially on this wonderful journey. I want to share this happiness with as many people as possible.


Hwanwoong: “Stupid Love.” This song just feels like me. It’s about looking at and loving someone and not wanting anything back in return. 


KW: What is a habit that another member has that you find interesting? 


Seoho: Keonhee orders a lot of drinks and downs them all at once.


Leedo: Keonhee sleep walks - it’s absolutely hilarious. 


Keonhee: Leedo sings to himself - he hums songs that he really likes. We were on a reality show and there was a point where they were playing random songs. Every song that played, Leedo was humming and singing along…it was really funny [laughs].


Xion: Honestly, I just like watching us all joke around with each other and have a good time.


Hwanwoong: Leedo never procrastinates. I have a lot of respect for him.



KW: If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, which member do you think would survive the longest and why? 


Seoho: I think I’ll survive the longest. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m ready.



KW: What do you enjoy most about going on tour? 


Leedo: Being on stage. Watching TO MOON have fun with us while we perform our hearts out every night is the best. It’s where I feel the most joy. 


Hwanwoong: When we’re all on stage and I have a moment where I’m not at center stage, I like to mess with everyone. I make weird gestures and just play pranks on the rest of the members. I’m excited to see what we’ll get up to on this Reach for Us World Tour. 



KW: Is there anything you learned from your last tour that you want to do differently in your upcoming tour?


Leedo: There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I just want to make great memories for TO MOON. I perform like it’s my last time on stage. 


Keonhee: On our last tour, I realized how precious this all is. Being able to interact with TO MOON and send good vibes to everyone isn’t something everyone is fortunate enough to do. I want to continue creating memories for and experiencing everything with our fans who show us support every single day. 



KW: Are there any countries that you have yet to visit that you would like to visit during future tours? 


Xion: There are so many countries I haven’t been to, so it’s really difficult to choose just one place. ONEUS wants to meet all of our fans around the world and we’re doing everything we can to travel to you. TO MOON, please be patient!



KW: Do you have any messages for To Moon? 


Seoho: Thank you for always being by my side. I became a singer who is constantly growing. I want to give back as much love as I get from you every day.


Leedo: TO MOON, thank you for always supporting us. I’ll do my best to keep making memories for you all, to put a smile on your face. Thank you always and I love you.


Keonhee: You have always been by my side and pushed me to keep going. Everything I do is for you and please remember that if you ever feel alone, we’re always there for you. I love you, TO MOON.


Hwanwoong: Thank you so much for always supporting us. We will continue to do this for you. Please keep showing up. I love you! 


Xion: TO MOON, I love you always and thank you for always supporting me! I will do my best to keep bringing you joy and helping you make the best memories. I love you!


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