Forestella Comes Back with Single 'Utopia'


Pop-Opera group Forestella (Kang Hyungho, Ko Woorim, Bae Doohoon, and Cho Mingyu) has finally released their first single album [The Bloom: UTOPIA], with the title track being pop-opera song 'Utopia.' A musical-like MV tells a story across 3 different Acts (Act 4: Falles, Act 5: Suppers, and Act 6: Dies Irae) using 3 distinctive languages (English, Spanish, and Latin) to describe a utopia turning into a dystopia. 

To explain a little about the music video, the beginning builds up the Utopia with words of celebration and love; as the song progresses, the fire starts to be everywhere, signaling the start of a dystopia. The lyrics mention Rascanya and La Zaidía, located in Valencia, Spain, and where a Falles (Act 4 in the music video) celebration takes place, which begins with a huge celebration and ends with huge bonfires, similar to the story that the song describes. 

Check out the new music video down below!

   'Utopia' MV 


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