Girl Group XG Goes Viral for Their Rap Skills

The girl group XG continues showing its potential to become one of the leaders of the new generation of international pop. Last week, a new video featuring the four rappers of the septet became viral on social media, gaining praise from fans worldwide and also from internauts who recently got to know the group. COCONA, MAYA, HARVEY, and JURIN gave an original and singular performance, with different flows and rhymes on the video “[XG TAPE #2] GALZ XYPHER (COCONA, MAYA, HARVEY, JURIN)” followed by individual videos performing in English, Korean, and Japanese.

As a result, the video reached the TOP 10 on YouTube Chart in Japan, also surpassing 3 million views in less than 10 days. COCONA’s individual video also went viral on social media, reaching more than 5 million views and 1 million likes in just four days on TikTok, receiving positive reactions from fans outside Japan and also from the rapper J.I.D, who created the song used as a base on the video.

XG’s first official cypher gathered attention from internauts and from ALHAZ (name of the fandom), who praised massively the rappers’ skills besides the well-elaborated scenarios and the members’ acting.

The group continues to release new videos to communicate with fans and show their huge artistic potential. Such talent leaves admirers with high expectations for XG’s future releases.

[XG TAPE #2] Surround Sound (TEST VIDEO / COCONA)




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