LIONESSES' Song 'It's OK to be ME' Gets Banned from Broadcast by MBC for Homosexuality

Ciera Reeves

On December 17, male group LIONESSES announced that their latest release 'It's Okay to be Me' was banned from broadcast by the network MBC for the reason of "homosexuality." 

In response to the ban, the group uploaded their official statement. In the bold statement, the group proclaimed that they will not stop making songs that affirm themselves and their sexualities, thus they will never be able to make songs that comply with MBC's regulations. They also refuse to tone down anything about the song and music video to pass any review regulation.

Although it may seem like an uphill battle to get the network to change their bigoted views towards Lionesses' artistry, the group's bravery and defiance to stand up for themselves and their beliefs are admirable.  The bigger picture is that they are inspiring others with their music and representation as being the first openly LGBTQIA+ group in Korea. 

Check out 'It's Okay to be Me' music video. Lyric subtitles are in various languages. 

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