Monthly Roundup November 2022: Ji Jinseok, Navi, WeAreYoung, and NTX

Monthly Roundup November 2022: Ji Jinseok, Navi, WeAreYoung, and NTX

Ji Jinseok - "Bye, My Love"

On November 2nd, singer Ji Jinseok released his single, "Bye, My Love." The song shows sorrowful feelings over a breakup. 

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Navi - "Spring Star Flower" 

Veteran vocalist Navi released her new single "Spring Star Flower" on November 11. A bright song that praises someone you care about.

You, warm like the sun, are spring
It's a star that shines brightly in the night sky
You are the most precious, more beautiful than anyone else
That white flowers will bloom

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WeAreYoung - "Confession" 

WeAreYoung released their new single "Confession" on November 14.  It is a sweet confession song with bold declarations such as "I will love you until my last breath." 

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NTX - "Old School"

Boy Group NTX makes their first comeback since 2021. Their first single album "Latecomer" was released on November 23, 2022, the retro-inspired title track "Old School." The group is currently promoting the song on music shows.

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