[Review] NCT DREAM’s 'Candy' Winter Special Album


On December 16, 2022 NCT DREAM released a winter special mini album that consists of 6 new songs with the title track being “Candy”. Making it their 6th extended EP.

Starting with the title track ”Candy” it is a pop song and has a bright and cheerful sound that is reminiscent of Nct dreams past title tracks. “Candy” is a remake of H.O.T. 's song with the same title. The arrangement gave the original song a whole new feel . The second song “Graduation” is described as an R&B pop song. Their vocals and sincere lyrics really sets the mood. The third track “Tangerine love(favorite)” is a retro synth pop song with a very catchy intro and hook. The song is very fun.

 Next, “Take my breath” is a medium-tempo pop song. The lyrics are very sweet about confessing their feelings , similar to the previous song. The fifth track “moon” is a beautiful ballad that has lyrics which fully expresses feelings towards a loved one. The vocals in this one really blew the fans away. The sixth and final track “Walk with you” is a fun pop dance song. The lyrics are again sweet like the previous ones. This was a perfect way to close this album. 

Fans are enjoying the mini album showing their love and appreciation on different social media platforms . Overall, This was a great experience listening through the unique sounds and taking in the meaning behind each song. NCT DREAM has released another tuneful album that has been on repeat!

What's your favorite song from 'Candy'?

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