[Review] Seventeen Turn LA3C Into Their Own Concert

Photo Source: Seventeen Offical Twitter

A world tour, a sold-out dome tour, and two successful comebacks made up just some of the things Seventeen has done this year. Headling a music festival is one accomplishment Seventeen adds to their 2022 portfolio. LA3C took place on December 10 in Los Angeles, California. LA3C celebrates the culture, art, food, and music of LA. After being granted the Building K-ulture Bridges award, Seventeen took over the LA3C main stage to show the crowd what they're missing by not being a Seventeen Carat. 

Photo Source: Courtesy of LA3C
 With the help of fireworks, pyrotechnics, and a crowd of carats, LA3C became a Seventeen concert. Seventeen traded in their matching suits for streetwear, cultivated for each member's fashion tastes. After their opening VCR that introduced the members, the boys take the stage. The western guitar opening for 'HOT' plays as the thirteen members make their presence known to the crowd. Fire blasts from the cannons in front of the stage, and Seventeen begins their iconic performance of their smash-hit, 'HOT.' 

Following 'HOT,' the members paused to speak to the crowd of their fans. LA native, Joshua, expressed the amount of pride he held for his hometown and how glad he was to perform at their first music festival in his city. Hoshi and Dino then initiated an energy check by singing one of their songs 'Clap;' the crowd sang the iconic line "Jjak Jjak Jjak Jjak" in return. The energy was definitely there, and Seventeen felt it. Following the members' opening speeches, they returned to the music with an electrifying performance of 'Rock With You.'

In contrast to the high-energy performance of 'Rock With You,' 'World' and its mellow sound paired with the smooth and fun choreography made its way to the stage. Once the members left the stage after 'World,' two members stayed. Vernon and Joshua stayed on the stage, which meant their unit song '2 Minus 1' was about to debut at LA3C. Similarly to their Be The Sun setlist, Vernon and Joshua set the stage for the other units of Seventeen to perform. 

Photo Source: Courtesy of LA3C
The performance unit made up of Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino took their song 'Highlight' to LA3C. 'Highlight' has not been performed in the USA since Seventeen's first tour in 2017. The quartet brought their addicting choreography and unreal synchronization to the attention of non-carats attending the festival. 
    Next is the vocal unit; Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, and Seungkwan displayed their angelic vocals with 'Second Life,' a song they haven't performed in the US until now.
     On to the Hip-Hop unit whose dynamic performance of their bouncy track 'GAM3 BO1' rocked the crowd from the front to the back of the festival. S.coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, and Mingyu took their performance from their tour and elevated it to the level fit for a music festival. 
    Vernon, Wonwoo, and Migyu left their leader, S.coups, as the other leaders, Woozi and Hoshi, joined him for the American debut of their song 'Cheers.' This song was the most anticipated by carats after the members teased that a unit performance, never seen on tour, would be a part of their hour-long set. The moment the crowd saw the leaders reunite, the energy multiplied by one hundred. Each audience member waved their lightsticks in unison, jumped up and down, and screamed the lyrics despite not knowing Korean. 

Photo Source: Courtesy of LA3C


More than halfway into their set, Seventeen performed the iconic, 'Left & Right.' Carats performed the choreography and sang along like they were ready to take the stage. To wrap up their hour-long set, Seventeen encouraged carats to sing along to their only English track, 'Darling.' Closing their set with a soft, beautiful song is the perfect way to end their special night. 

Although they told the crowd 'Darling' was the last song, we all know  it's not a Seventeen show until they perform ' Very Nice.' The final song of their set lasted about eight minutes as they introduced non-carats to the concept of the never-ending 'Very Nice,' and the crowd enjoyed it just as much as the carats did. The members exited the stage and returned to an even more enthusiastic audience all six times they ran back to their carats. 

Photo Source: Courtesy of LA3C
    The members didn't end the show on a sad note; instead, they reassured the audience that they'll be back next year. Seventeen has promised a 2023 tour since their Be The Sun tour started earlier this year. Let's keep our eyes peeled for Seventeen 2023 tour! Until then, keep up with KpopWise for all your Kpop news, updates, and more. 

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