[Album Review] cignature Returns with 3rd EP 'My Little Aurora'

On January 17, J9 Entertainment’s cignature officially made their long-awaited comeback with their new title track “Aurora” from their latest EP, My Little Aurora.

The 7-member girl group, cignature (Chaesol, Jeewon, Seline, Belle, Chloe, Semi, Dohee), are back! cignature debuted on February 3, 2020 under J9 Entertainment, a subsidiary of C9 Entertainment (CIX, EPEX, Younha). Known for their charismatic, cheery members and powerful vocals and performances to match, cignature are back to show just how they shine their light!

Here to stay

The return of cignature is definitely a testament to the girls’ passion and dedication to the group. Many fans have even resorted to calling this their “make or break'' comeback. cignature are C9’s only girl group and debuted after the disbandment of C9’s previous girl group Good Day, which members Chaesol, Jeewon, and Belle formerly belonged to. Although the group was nominated for several rookie awards in 2020, fans are hoping that “Aurora” becomes cignature’s biggest comeback that will finally bring the group solid success.

The comeback was announced on cignature’s official Twitter at midnight on December 30th, much to fans' surprise. The news came after a year since the group’s last release, “Boyfriend”, which marked the debut of cignature’s newer members, Chloe and Dohee. 

cignature’s colors

cignature are no strangers to fun, energetic concepts; the group debuted with their first single, “NUN NU NAN NA”, a colorful and upbeat dance pop song, which was then followed by disco-techno “ASSA” and animated “ARISONG”.

The aptly named EP My Little Aurora was teased with twinkling, colorful concept photos. With both versions of the album being named after planets, it’s no surprise that the album and music video are filled with bright vocals, vivid colors, and sparkling visuals. Fans will be delighted to see that cignature’s lights have only gotten brighter since their last comeback.


“Aurora” has an exciting, party-like EDM melody, which could be said for a lot of fourth generation releases. What sets “Aurora” apart, though, is its intoxicatingly sweet, bubbly vocals and an addicting chorus. This comeback came at the perfect time for New Year celebrations, especially with the song's lyrics on looking for dreams, and being the “main character”.

For those who love tracks that sound like a celebration, or perhaps a ride on Rainbow Road, look no further than “Aurora”. Main vocalist Semi’s high note, and Jeewon’s famous smile will have you feeling like celebrating the new year all over again. 


True to their word, cignature showed off many different colors of their talents especially through their ability to take on different genres. Fans of the pop-punk/rock trend in K-pop should tune into the EP’s first track, “I’m Okay”. The song’s strong guitar and drums are exciting, and a little rebellious, bringing a new sound in their discography. cignature are anticipated to promote “I’m Okay” on music shows alongside “Aurora”— which will definitely be a treat to look forward to with the members’ notable live vocals. 

“PALACE” could very well be a CandyLand theme song. Its video game-esque instrumentals, and cignature’s animated vocals (i.e Woa-oh-oh!) melt together into high-energy pop perfection.

If “I’m Okay” shocked regular cignature listeners, the first few seconds of “PARADE”, the last track, will do the same. It’s sassy, and a little burlesque. It wouldn’t be too surprising to perform “PARADE” while doing gymnastics in sparkly outfits. It’s a perfect closing to My Little Aurora, like the finale in a fireworks show. 

Criminally underrated

Being an underrated group in K-pop — an industry where rookie artists debut so often — is not uncommon, but cignature truly feel like diamonds in the rough just waiting for that one moment to pull them into fame.

The members are all strong vocalists, and the group has never shied away from performing live. Resident English-speaking member Chloe is from the States and previously studied at the University of Michigan. Besides her idol talents, Chloe studied data science and has even hosted livestreams to code with fans. Belle is half-Filipino, but 100% full of charm, vocals, and dance. Known as the ‘face of the group’, Jeewon previously went viral for making Taemin, Rain, and Hyuna fall for her smile

Fans have been raving about cignature’s long-awaited comeback on social media, and are already speculating about stage outfits and even a tour. It’s clear that cignature has checked off all the boxes of an iconic K-pop comeback: new, inspiring sounds backed up by routine powerful vocals and a fun dance!

What’s your favorite song from My Little Aurora? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to keep an eye on KpopWise for the latest K-pop news, interviews, and more!

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