Everything is Sweet with Jinyoung's 1st Album Chapter 0: WITH

Ciera Reeves


Park Jinyoung of the beloved group GOT7 has released his first solo album Chapter 0: WITH along with the music video for his title track 'Cotton Candy' on January 18, 2022. 

Well-known for his acting roles these days, it is refreshing to see Jinyoung back to performing music and in the spotlight as a soloist, as he shows off his extraordinary vocal and dance skills. 

The song 'Cotton Candy' is a sweet song about wanting to get to know and be with someone you are interested in. Check out the music video below.

Jinyoung debuted in the duo JJ Project in 2012 and later in the group GOT7 in 2014 both under the label JYP Entertainment. He signed with BH Entertainment in 2021 where he continues to pursue his career as an actor and musician. 

Listen to Chapter 0: WITH on Spotify

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