Girl Group TRI.BE Confirms Comeback in February

The group TRI.BE confirmed its comeback in February.

According to the agency TR Entertainment, TRI.BE will release a new album in February and make a comeback in the music industry.

TRI.BE's latest comeback was in August last year , with their third single, "LEVIOSA," achieved career highs in music and albums by emitting unlimited concept digestibility and colorful charm.

In addition, the title song 'Kiss' music video was recognized in many ways, including topping the K-Pop Radar YouTube weekly chart.

In this new album, TRI.BE is expected to play popular yet fresh music based on its outstanding live performance and overwhelming stage dominance.

They are determined to show a new mood that has not been shown so far, focusing on changes in visuals and concepts.

In addition, TRI.BE has made a new change with the group's official logo change with the confirmation of its comeback.
The symbol, which allows you to feel Tri-Vi's identity at a glance, was created with Tri-Vi's initials "T, B" as the keyword, and the existing sharp and slim text was created in a soft and intuitive typeface in the form of a curve. 

In this way, TRI.BE announced the new leap, shows upgraded styling, concept changes, and a wide musical spectrum, adding to expectations that it will open the door to a new chapter in 2023. 

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