Baek Ji-Young to Embark on Her US Tour "GO BAEK"

Baek Ji-young, a national singer of Korea and 'Queen of Ballad,' will meet American audiences this Spring.

Baek Ji-young will hold a three-city U.S. tour, 'GO BAEK' in April in Seattle, New York City and Washington D.C., respectively. The title 'GO BAEK' contains the double meaning of 'confession' in Korean and 'Go together with Baek Ji-young.'

Baek Ji-young, who has various nicknames such as the queen of the ballad, the queen of the OST, and the original dancing queen, is preparing colorful and rich stages as a genre all-rounder.

In particular, this concert will be prepared with stages where she can enjoy and interact with the audience in various ways, hoping everyone can take a break from their daily lives and continue to move forward.

The 2023 America tour concert 'GO BAEK (Confession)' is scheduled to be held in Seattle on April 16, New York on April 21, and Washington D.C. on April 23, and can be booked through Ticketmaster.

Concert tickets start at $80, and information is available by phone online at


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