SEVENTEEN Unit, ‘BooSeokSoon’ releases first single album “SECOND WIND”

Five years after releasing their digital single, "Just Do It," SEVENTEEN’s special unit is finally back with their first single, SECOND WIND.

Following the announcement of their comeback on January 9, CARATs cannot contain their excitement as their favorite trio is finally releasing a new song.

The fans got more excited as they announced that Lee Young Ji and Peder Elias were going to be featured on their album. It is known within the fandom that Hoshi has been waiting for a collaboration with Young Ji after it was revealed during his guesting on her show, "My Alcohol Diary."

The subunit is composed of three members of the group, including Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi.

Their new single, SECOND WIND, contains three songs, with the title track, "Fighting" (feat. Lee Young Ji), now available on all music streaming sites!

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Thea Templanza

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