Virtual K-pop Artist APOKI Releases "Mood V5"

is a virtual K-pop artist with the concept of “a rabbit-like being living somewhere in space.” Trained in K-pop music and dance, she is a cutting-edge virtual artist combining beautiful videos using the latest technology, wearing relatable fashion, and having a friendly character. She has over 4.8 million followers on social media worldwide. In June 2022, APOKI was ranked No. 1 in the “Top 10 Virtual Influencers in Korea” by the American virtual influencer information site Virtual Humans.

APOKI’s first single of 2023 “Mood V5” was released February 27.  While every music video of hers gathers attention with cutting-edge CG graphics, her latest music video released on APOKI’s Official YouTube Channel the same day is also attracting mass attention. This is because the prototype of AFEELA, a new brand announced by Sony Honda Mobility at CES 2023 held in Las Vegas, U.S. makes its first appearance in APOKI’s music video.

As a virtual artist providing entertainment going beyond space-time, the concept of “Mood V5” is “an  anticipation of a new start to the future.” It is a pop song about the expectation of making a journey to a new world that sings, “Can see a brand new world, it’s so close,” and “I am breaking out, see me escape the old orbit.” The song was created by Melanie Fontana, Michel Schulz, and Andreas Carlsson, star songwriters making worldwide hit songs.

When AFUN Interactive, a Korean tech startup managing APOKI, saw Sony Honda Mobility announce  AFEELA at America’s CES 2023 in January 2023, they felt resonance with AFEELA’s message of pursuing mobility innovation and began contacting Sony Honda Mobility. While Sony Honda Mobility acknowledged APOKI’s innovative and artistic creativity among other virtual artists and thus welcomed the opportunity to have AFEELA appear in the music video.

Although CG requires precision, the music video for “Mood V5” was created in an exceptionally short time. The work prioritizes visual entertainment properties that can only be achieved through virtual and puts weight on free expression unbound by conventional automobile expressions.

For the executives at AFUN Interactive, APOKI’s management company, Sony is a company they were familiar with growing up in the 1990s and highly respected, as they had Walkman and Trinitron TV appear in APOKI’s previous single “West Swing feat. E-40”. This time, Sony Honda Mobility’s AFEELA, planned to be sold in 2025, is illustrated in AFUN Interactive’s work. The dreamy futuristic space image illustrated in the “Mood V5” music video was generated by AI, an anecdote unique to APOKI.

Real and virtual, soft and hard, hope and reality. Without restraints, APOKI in AFEELA prototype rides through a world where diverse futures intersect. Experience the dawn of new entertainment by APOKI in the “Mood V5” music video.

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