XTIE Releases Empowering New Single 'new classic'

On February 9, 2023 singer and producer XTIE released her latest single, 'new classic' along with the music video on February 10. 

A song inspired by female icons in the industry, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift; 'new classic' is an anthem that XTIE wrote and produced to celebrate her identity as an Asian female producer. 

“I want this song to empower anyone listening to it to follow a new and unconventional adventure for themselves in 2023. I hope while listening to “new classic” you feel inspired to walk confidently like you’re walking down a fashion runway, everyone deserves to be confident in their own runway.”


Check out the music video here! 

With lyrics that explore the contradictory and paradox we face in this world of absurdity and also the challenges we face in our twenties; “new classic” is the title track off XTIE’s

upcoming self-written and produced debut album. Set for release later this year, the title is also a play on words, “an oxymoron in literature” (New and Classic), “new classic” juxtaposes concepts and ideas, as well as showcasing XTIE’s uniqueness by encapsulating the embodiment of many contradictory qualities within one single person. Co-produced with Japanese female producer, Tomoko Ida, “new classic” fuses organic sounds and instruments from both their cultures into the song; for example, Shakuhazhi, Guzheng, etc. Multi-platinum producer Alawn, known for his work in K-Pop with more than 16 Billboard #1 chart entries [SuperM, LOONA, NCT, IVE, Baekhyun, Kai, MONSTA X] also contributed by helping mix and master “new classic.” XTIE states,

“I usually write and produce everything on my own. Even though we’ve never met in person yet due to the pandemic, I’m so delighted to have been able to collaborate with my talented friends on this single.” 

XTIE teamed up with Hong Kong and Los Angeles based choreographer Emily Lu. The dance moves for “new classic” were inspired by the Broadway Musical Chicago, combined with a Vogue-styled dance with a K-Pop style approach. “I wanted to release this song to embark the year of 2023, to make a strong statement that “we are all gonna be the brand new classics.”

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