ATEEZ Show Off their Athleticism with Japanese Single "Limitless"

Global hit group ATEEZ have just come back with new Japanese single "Limitless". For weeks the group have teased the release with sporty pictures and videos depicting the group at the gym, fencing, and shooting arrows.

The single consists of two songs - the title "Limitless", which is featured as the theme song for the anime series "Duel Masters WIN", and original track "Diamond". 

The MV for "Limitless" - released on March 21 - features the group displaying their athletic side. All 8 members were seen at various points in the gym working with different equipment, before splitting off. Jongho, Yunho, Hongjoong and Yeosang are found boasting large bows and shooting at targets - a fitting role considering the latter members impressive shots at the 2022 ISAC. However, Seonghwa, Migi, San, and Wooyoung were engaging in one-on-one fencing duels before turning around and duelling "themselves", which could be seen as an homage to the "duel" aspect of the anime claiming the song as its opening. 

The song itself is an inspirational track with smooth vocals, fiery verses, and lyrics of self-assurance with a dramatic reprise. All tied in with the signature, catchy ATEEZ energy fans know and love. Diamond follows a similar suit, albeit more mellow, and highlighting the groups stunning vocals. It'll be no surprise that fans of the group and anime will thoroughly enjoy both tracks - and we have a sneaking suspicion that the title will be gracing many an ATINY's gym playlist. Check out the MV here:

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