[Exclusive Interview] QI.X Discusses Hobbies, Goals, and Favorite Queer Media

A photo of the members of K-Pop group QI.X
QI.X L-R: Youra, Maek, Prin, jiGOOK
Note: On Feb 9 2023 Youra announced they would be taking a break from QI.X in order to focus on self-care. 

A few weeks ago I received a Kakao message from a friend of mine saying he'd found an all-queer K-Pop group and as a queer K-Pop fan and writer for KpopWise I, of course, responded, "Tell me more!" The moment I learned QI.X's name I was on Instagram sending them a DM introducing myself and asking for an interview. To my absolute delight, I received a response very quickly and finally, I am able to present to you KpopWise's interview with your new favorite group QI.X. 

Could each member of QI.X introduce themself? Your name, pronouns, your role in QI.X, and anything else you’d like us to know about you.

Prin: Hi I’m Prin, I use they/them pronouns and I’m a leader and resident goofball. Wink wink
Prin (they/them) 
Maek: Hi everyone I’m your sweet and sour gender queer princess Maek, and I also use they/them pronouns. My favorite thing to do is enjoy good food.
A photo of Maek lying in grass
Maek (they/them)

jiGOOK: Hi I’m jiGOOK, your favorite genderfluid boy MUAH. I go by he/him, they/them.

A photo of jiGOOK surrounded artfully by shubbery
jiGOOK (he/him they/them) 

What or who inspired you to form QI.X?

Prin: I met our producer Jiyeon through queer and transgender songwriting camp back
in 2020. I wrote songs with them and fellow queer, transgender and genderqueer friends and I found so much joy in it. Ever since I’ve been looking for a chance to write songs, and perform and ‘inceptioned’ the idea to Jiyeon’s head we can form a group. And
that worked.

Can you explain what “QI.X” means?

Maek: QI stands for Queer Idols and X means infinity.
jiGOOK: X also can mean “unspecified” in terms of gender or many other things.

What is a message you would give to your fans?

jiGOOK: We got so many messages from our fans who are also queer and trans, genderqueer. This is overwhelmingly happy for us. We want to say that you’re not alone, and because of you, we’re not alone.
Prin: That we are all beautiful no matter what other people say, or your inner voice tells you that you’re not.
Maek: I want to say that what you felt is what we felt and struggled through even today. But together we can make it through, we can write our stories together and things will
get better.

Is there anything specific you hope to accomplish as QI.X?

Prin: Opening act of MAMA awards….I’ve been saying this every time I have a chance haha
jiGOOK: Get into the billboard chart!
Maek: Going on tours to different countries and cities. I want to meet our fans in person!

Are there artists who inspire your music? Who are they?

Prin: All the K-pop idols!
jiGOOK: My favorite bands are Nirvana, Radiohead, and Sigur Rós. For solo artists, I love Damien Rice, Bjork, and Bon Iver etc. They affected a lot of part of my songwriting. Wang Kar-wai’s movies inspire me too.
Maek: Red velvet

How did the members meet each other?

Prin: Maek and I were friends and we met jiGOOK through Jiyeon. Basically, we were summoned by our producer. And that has been the best thing that ever happened.

What does being a member of QI.X mean to each of you?

Prin: Being QI.X makes me a stronger person who can take on any challenges. And I don’t feel alone. That really gives me the power to step on to all the things that I thought
dreams will come true.
Maek: Being a member of QI.X taught me that I should never give up. And getting support from so many people gives me so much courage to take on to the next step.
jiGOOK: It makes me realize we can be anything, everything we wanna be if we are sincere about it. Also, I’m happy and so hyped to be a part of the activism that contributes to the visualization of the existence of transgenderqueer beings.

Outside of music, what are your hobbies and interests?

Prin: Outside of music……that’s a tough one. I love dancing! And I like to try fun and
new looks when it comes to fashion.
Maek: I draw and write. And I love to play computer games.
jiGOOK: I photograph, do drag, draw, and write. Recently I’ve been so into taking self-portrait photography. I’m planning to publish a book in a year.

As a queer group, do you have a favorite queer show, movie, or book you’d like to share with us?

Prin: I like the movie ’Hedwig’. I received a lot of comfort from watching Hedwig’s journey of finding herself.
Maek: ‘Frozen’. And ‘Living with two lovers’ by Hong Seung-Eung. And the game ‘The last of us’.
jiGOOK: QUEER EYES! Also, I’m a big fan of Queer as folk, Angels in America, pose, and… ahhh there’s a lot.

All of you seem to have very distinct styles, is there a member whose style you would like to try?

Prin: I want to copy QI.X’s style icon jiGOOK! jiGOOK has such a bold style and I have so much respect for his style.
Maek: Prin! They have such cute outfits! I need to ask them where do they get them.
jiGOOK: I wanna try Maek’s princess outfit from the first profile shooting. Though I’m not sure if it would suit me well haha.

Has QI.X thought of possible fandom names? K-Music fans love fandom names!

We got a fandom name! It’s QTZ! We love you QTZ!!! 

QI.X is currently preparing for the release of its debut single, Lights Up, on March 22, 2023. Make sure to pre-save Lights Up on Spotify, Apple, and Deezer right now, so you can make sure to be one of the first to listen.

Thank you for reading our interview with QI.X and thank you to QI.X and Jiyeon for agreeing to our interview and trusting me to introduce you to our readers. Don't forget to follow QI.X and KpopWise on your favorite social media sites! 

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