LUCY Joins Line-Up For SXSW 2023



Korean band LUCY (Shin Yechan, Choi Sangyeop, Cho Wonsang, and Shin Gwangil) joins the amazing lineup for the upcoming festival, SXSW (South By Southwest) 2023, and is set to perform on March 13th from 11pm-11:40pm CT. 

LUCY has recently released its 3rd EP '[INSERT COIN]' with the title track, 'Unbelievable'. They had previously released their first full album 'Childhood' back in August of 2022 and also continuously perform covers of well-known tracks such as 'OMG' by K-pop girl group, NewJeans. 

On March 5th, they also performed their 4th concert '[INSERT COIN: amusement park]' where they performed some of their hit singles such as I Got U, Flowering, and Jogging, as well as some b-side tracks from their new album such as Fill it up and Tied Up. 

With an 'Unbelievable' discography, fans are excitingly waiting to see what LUCY has up its sleeve for its SXSW performance. 

To watch LUCY's most recent comeback click here:

'Unbelievable' MV

Fellow Mystic Story group Billlie is also scheduled to attend SXSW. Tickets are available here

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