[Photo Gallery] Keshi Comes to Washington, DC for the Hell and Back Tour!

Keshi brought his Hell & Back tour to fans in Washington, DC on March 11th at The Anthem!

Keshi started the show with his song 'Get It', it's a powerful track with hiphop influences it was a great choice to open up the show as the crowd proudly sung the song with him.

The middle of the concert featured melodic, slower, and fan-favorite songs like 'Skeletons', 'Understand,' and 'Atlas'.

At the end of the concert Keshi performed '2Soon' as confetti fell into the crowd, it was a beautiful moment like something out of a movie.

During the concert, Keshi said "If you don't believe in true love then you shouldn't be at a Keshi show." The crowd reacted with happy cheers. Keshi's concert in DC was full of love and passion, so if falling in love, experiencing butterflies and going to hell and back for the person you love is something you feel passionate about then you should attend a Keshi concert.

Check out the gallery below! 

Photos & Words by Katana.

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