5 of the Best EXO Songs of All Time


While waiting for the EXO comeback coming really soon, this is my best five songs of one of the most known K-pop group. This is the EXO year

5 - ‘Transformer’ - EXO-K

From the ‘EXODUS’ album, this track has a great stage impact with strong sounds in the background and a generous dose of rap from CHANYEOL, SEHUN, and KAI as well, as the vocal line D.O, SUHO, and BAEKHYUN. In the live version, there is also the very well-known CHEN’s vocal and the XIUMIN rap skills making the song more catchy.   

4 - ‘El Dorado’ (Korean Ver.) - EXO-K

To be honest, ‘El Dorado’ is one of my favorite EXO songs, because of the track's meaningful significance of sourcing the ‘El Dorado’ and staying stronger facing the difficulties of EXO’s adventure. This is very powerful either the strong melody both the choreography. 

3 - ‘Black Pearl’ (Chinese Ver.) - EXO-M

Included in the ‘XOXO’, ‘Black Pearl’ from the Chinese unit (featuring the members; XIUMIN, CHEN, LAY, LUHAN, KRIS, and TAO) discovered a new harmonious level with the Chinese language combined with the powerful CHEN vocal skills and the TAO and KRIS rap skills. This song was also performed in Chinese on the EXO’s first tour ‘EXOLOGY CHAPTER #1: THE LOST PLANET’ from both the unit EXO-K and EXO-M (without the members LUHAN and KRIS). 

2 - ‘Oasis’ - EXO

Inspired by the EXO member SUHO’s power—the water— this track, included in the album ‘TEMPO’, tells the story of sourcing themselves, going somewhere else, chasing the sun, finding an oasis and a taking a road never seen. The song was performed for the first time in the last EXO tour ‘EXPLORATION’ in 2019 including the members CHEN, SUHO, BAEKHYUN, KAI, SEHUN, and CHANYEOL. Absent were XIUMIN and D.O because of their military service. 

1 - ‘Lightsaber’ - EXO 

How cannot include this song? Made as a collaboration with the fantasy-science series ‘Star Wars’, EXO’s ‘Lightsaber’ is inspired by Lucas’ movies for a totally new powerful harmy created by the duo LND Noise. BAEKHYUN, CHEN, and D.O's voice skills are very well tangled with the CHANYEOL’s rap part as well as the epic SEHUN-XIUMIN verses and SUHO strong verse. The live is stronger with a real combat-like choreagry with colored lightsabers and water on stage. 

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