BTS Suga Ponders Over Lost Love in "People Pt.2" Featuring IU

May S

BTS Suga returns as Agust D in new MV "People Pt.2" featuring fellow superstar IU. The track was dropped as a pre-release ahead of his upcoming album "D-DAY". After the overwhelming success of their previous collaboration "Eight" in 2020, "People Pt.2" has been highly anticipated since its announcement. 

The MV features Suga going about his day in a sentimental frame, seemingly contemplating people that have come and gone in his life. The song itself is a relaxed, easygoing track with sensitive lyrics depicting the loss of people and love in life. With all this wrapped up in IU's angelic vocals and Suga's smooth voice - it's no surprise that it already resonates with so many fans. 

Though IU - beloved both by Korean and international fans alike - did not appear in the MV to accompany her infamously ethereal voice, she still expressed her excitement for the release of the song on her instagram, and appeared in a short performance with Suga himself. 

In the post-script of the MV Suga appears, noting how the song was a message to himself during the COVID-19 pandemic - making it all the more sentimental. And with the combined power of both Suga and IU - these sentiments will no doubt be touching the hearts of many people. 

We will see more from Suga as Agust D soon, as his third album "D-DAY" is due to drop on April 21st - so be sure to keep an eye out!

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