[Concert Review] CIX 'Save me Kill me' Tour in Houston

Ja'Nasia Whitfield

Photo Cr. CIX Official on Twitter

On March 18, 2023 the phenomenal K-pop group CIX performed in Houston,Texas for the first Time. Before the concert officially started fans bonded by listening to their music and challenging themselves to do the choreography. After some time the concert was about to start and the energy shifted in the best way possible. Loud cheers began to fill my ears as Seunghun , Jinyoung , Yonghee , Byounggon , and Hyunsuk appeared on stage. Starting off with “Numb” a track from their second EP
HELLO Chapter 2: Hello Strange Place I was already impressed.

Followed by one of their title tracks “Jungle”. The vocals , dancing and rapping skills stole the hearts of many fans in the crowd , including myself. In between songs CIX  interacted with fans asking them if they were enjoying the show and showing off their english skills. I thought it was cute the way they spoke with their fans. It showed how much love they have for them. After the first few songs now it was time for the solo performances. 

Yonghee performed “Holy" by Justin Bieber giving us beautiful vocals and smiles. Byounggon shortly after with “ Bodied” by Futuristic a powerful rap with unforgettable bass. Seunghun’s performance to “Heartbreak Anniversary” by Giveon was absolutely everything Hyunsuk's solo “Text me” by Dpr Live had the crowd going crazy. Last Jinyoung with his incredible dancing along with vocals to “Alright” by Keshi. All of the solos wowed the whole venue. Each member gave us a different vibe throughout their solos which I enjoyed a lot.

Jumping right back in Performing “458”  title track from their most recent EP album ‘Ok’ Episode 1: Ok Not. Continuing out their set with “Everything” “Bad Dream” “What You Wanted” “Movie Star” “ Cinema”  and more. The songs began to get slower hitting hunting the end of the concert was near. Ending off perfectly with “ The One”, CIX connected with the crowd even more than before. Sharing smiles, waves, competing hand hearts, and showing love. It was a beautiful moment looking around me seeing the admiration on everyone's face. I didn't want this to end. Before the group left the stage they made sure to say goodbye to every section even the people far in the back. 

Overall this concert was such a memorable experience and I would love to see them again. Did you see CIX at any stops? Make sure to keep up with KpopWise for all your Kpop news, updates, and more!

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