[Photo Gallery] CIX Save me, Kill me Tour in Tempe and Los Angeles

Ciera Reeves

CIX in LA by Emma V.

CIX took over the stage with their electrifying performances at their recent concerts for the Save me, Kill me Tour in the USA. The group, which consists of Jinyoung, BX, Seunghun, Hyunsuk, and Yonghee, put on a show that was full of energy and excitement.

CIX also performed a number of other songs from their discography, including "Numb," "Movie Star," "Like It That Way,"  "Jungle," and solo stages as well.  

KpopWise was there to capture the action in both Tempe, AZ, and Los Angeles. Check out the photo galleries below! 

CIX in Tempe  

Photography by @ItsCieloPerez

 CIX in Los Angeles

Photography by @emmafayev

Thank you to Helix Publicity for the invitation. 

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