[Review] We Bridge Music Festival and Expo Brings MONSTA X, Dreamcatcher, ONEUS, Kang Daniel, and More!

For its first year, the WeBridge Expo hit the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for three days filled with Kpop entertainment and activities. The event had lots of hype and excitement built around it with two days of concerts, three days of special stages partnered with the Grammy Museum for performances and Q&A opportunities, hi touches, and booths featuring Asian fashion, food, technology, and more. Webridge’s website states their mission was to “connect these creative expressions for one collective experience and celebrate the Asian artists, cultures, and leaders that are fueling them.” 

In KpopWise’s opinion, Webridge succeeded. 

The Grammy Stage was a highlight of the weekend as it allowed attendees to listen to and interact with their favorite artists like Kang Daniel, CIX, Dreamcatcher, Monsta X, BamBam, OneUs, Enhypen, BEO, and Jessi in a more private setting than a brightly lit, loud and intense concert. The Q&A periods were casual, informative, and felt like an opportunity to get to know and show cheers of support to each group or solo artist. Following Q&As or short performances, fans were then able to greet the artist on that very stage for hi-touches that were less rushed than many you experience on individual group tours. 



As for the concert, WeBridge did an excellent job of balancing a packed artist lineup but giving all groups & soloists fair time to really shine on stage. Each slot allowed 5-6 songs, feeling like a collection of mini concerts rather than potentially rushed stages that can be seen at many Kpop focused festivals. As each group or soloist performed, they transformed the environment with their biggest hits, short Ments to speak directly to existing (and newly gained) fans, along with showing off b-sides that the average concertgoer might not have heard. These equal time brackets allowed attendees to experience the talent and charm of other artists and develop a new appreciation for them. Post-show, you could find many concertgoers tweeting and chatting about how they have gained new biases or groups to follow.

Overall, it is fair to expect an event of this size to face some adjustments and challenges in its first year. Despite some changes here and there, WeBridge accomplished their events, schedules, and promises with success. One of the bumps the event attendees faced was that on the first day of the concert, the soundcheck could not be completed with the VIP package holders due to unforeseen circumstances. Webridge did what they could to offer substitutes with merch vouchers or an extended meet and greet with Jessi, who happily met the VIP package holders, signed their items, and gave out hugs to fans.

It is important to note that this weekend was under the influence of circumstances no one could have expected. Kpop is a deeply connected community and the impact and sadness from the passing of Astro’s dear Moonbin was heavily felt throughout the weekend. A somber tone was present for many of the events, with expressions of love shared from artist to fan. KpopWise expresses the utmost respect and admiration for the artists & staff who participated in the weekend’s events in this period of mourning. 

Hopefully, all left the WeBridge Expo and concerts feeling the strong love and connectedness that is specifically present within the Kpop community. 

- Event Coverage and Photography by Courtney @courtneykillx 

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