aespa Perfectly Encapsulate Y2K Energy with New MV "Spicy"

May S


aespa have just released the MV for "Spicy" as part of their newest mini-album "MY WORLD". The song expressed a completely different concept from their pre-release MV "Welcome to MY World (Feat. Naevis)" which they dropped ahead of the album. 

In "Spicy", the girls - Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning - can be seen playing the most popular girls in school, emulating characters you would often see in most beloved 90's/2000's high-teen movies such as "Mean Girls" or "Clueless" - like getting ready in front of a bathroom mirror together, having fun by an extravagant mansion pool, or partying the night away - all made complete by their exquisite Y2K styling.

The song itself is an upbeat, and fun party song to match the mood of the MV, with the lyrics "I'm too spicy for your heart" repeated in the chorus. The rest of the mini-album "MY WORLD" contains 6 tracks:

1. Welcome To MY World (Ft. ​​nævis)
2. Spicy (Title)
3. Salty & Sweet
4. Thirsty
5. I'm Unhappy 
6. ’Til We Meet Again

Why not party along and check out the MV for yourself here?

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