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At the young age of 25, singer Priyanka has already accomplished a lot in her music career. For starters, she is one of the first idols of Indian descent to break through in the KPOP industry. She was the lead vocalist in the successful international group Z-Girls from 2019 until their hiatus in 2023. Priyanka is also the receipt of several awards including the Excellent Vocal Award at the 2016 KPOP World Festival as well as the best vocalist at the 2016 KPOP Contest India. But Priyanka is not done making waves in the K-music scene, she recently signed a lucrative deal with Beyond ENT and Siete Music Korea and will soon debut as a solo artist.


I had the pleasure to speak with Priyanka for KpopWise to discuss her career, future plans and other fun and interesting topics. Check it out below!


What inspired you to pursue a career in the K-Pop industry?


Music has always been my best companion. I wanted to be a musician, be not just a singer but a performer who could interact with fans & show a whole performance on stage, and K-Pop showed me how to do that. K-artists are a package deal. The wide range of talent & skills, passion, hard work, even the language which was foreign to me at the time, I could still relate and understand the emotions which is why I chose to be a K-Pop artist.


What was your favorite memory from your time as a member of Z-Girls?


Practice sessions. Practices were tiring and very hard but it was also fun because of my members.


How would you describe the experience of being the first female Indian K-pop star to emerge in Korea?


It was not easy as there was no guidance or reference for me to rely or look upto. I had to pave my own way. It took a long time, a lot of failures and struggle, but I am glad that I didn’t give up because I get so many messages from fans, youngsters saying that I am living their dreams and that I inspire them in a lot of ways. Being the first, I am very happy and excited that I’m not the last from India! I am just happy that I am making my dreams come true and grateful that I am able to do what I love.


Can you tell us about your solo music projects and what fans can expect from them?


I was working on my albums since 2019 hoping to release them with my members one day. I am now turning those to my solo music, starting from concepts, writing-composing to album design. I am taking my time to come back strong and pure. Though I am not allowed to give out spoilers but I hope my solo music is a new beginning, just like rising again from the ashes!


Your stunning visuals have become a trademark of yours. Could you share with us the overall style that you have envisioned for your solo project?


I am taking on the challenge to try something new; the music style, concept, visuals, everything are worth looking forward to as I am taking part in every step of preparing the album. I hope I can portray the artistic representation of my emotions well. The goal this time is to show who I am, and how much I have evolved.


How has your cultural background influenced your music and artistry?


It plays a huge part as it has made me who I am. My actions, thinking, life-style, everything is influenced by my culture so naturally it has helped me be where I am today, make music and art.


In interviews, you've mentioned how BTS has been a source of inspiration for your music career. Have you had the opportunity to meet them yet? If not, what would be the first thing you'd want to say to them?


In 2016, I got to stand on the stage with them at the K-Pop World Festival, Changwon, and I froze. Back then I was just a fan, but now BTS and their music feel more like ‘Home’, knowing that they have my back every time I am struggling, to give me a push forward when I can’t seem to take a step, to give me comfort, make me smile, and hope. So, I’ll say I am grateful for everything they have given and taught me. I thank them for being my other home after my family. 


Apart from working on music, what are your favorite activities to engage in?


Sketching-painting, watching videos on YouTube.


What kind of message do you hope to convey through your music and performances?


About life mostly. Life isn’t easy, but you can choose to be the protagonist or the antagonist. Life is a canvas, we color it, and even the mistakes in art can be turned into a masterpiece!


What are your plans and goals for the future, both personally and professionally?


Personally, to enjoy the process and take things slow, in my pace. We tend to rush and neglect the smaller things, but it is important to appreciate even the smallest and obvious things once in a while and not take them for granted. I am just focusing on being happy & healthy while doing my thing as life goes on. Professionally, make music that my heart speaks to and collaborate with other artists.


Thank you to Priyanka for speaking with me and KpopWise!

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