j-hope IN THE BOX & SUGA: Road to D-DAY Tickets on Sale Now

Ciera Reeves

Coinciding with BTS’ 10th anniversary, “j-hope IN THE BOX” and “SUGA: Road to D-DAY,” will be released in theaters worldwide beginning June 17*

Tickets are on sale now for “j-hope IN THE BOX” & “SUGA: Road to D-DAY” at www.btssolodocumentaries.com

“j-hope IN THE BOX” and “SUGA: Road to D-DAY” give moviegoers around the world a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and work of the global music superstars in an immersive experience that can only be felt in movie theaters, thanks to large screens, three-dimensional sound.

View a shout-out from j-hope and SUGA 

“j-hope IN THE BOX” and “SUGA: Road to D-DAY,” will be shown in movie theaters across approximately 100+ countries/territories worldwide. Visit www.btssolodocumentaries.com for the most up-to-date information about participating theaters. 

Source: Trafalgar Releasing

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