K-Pop Throwback with SHINee’s ‘Evil’


Guess who is back? SHINee is back! You heard it well; the comeback is coming really, really, and really— soon. So, it’s time for a new ‘K-pop Throwback’ section with one of my favorite SHINee’s tracks ‘Evil’. 

Song from the second part of the third full album titled "Why So Serious?—The Misconceptions of Me" released on April 26, 2013, with ‘Why So Serious?’ as the lead track. 

The lyrics recall a bad dream, a dreadful nightmare following the protagonist's feelings in a ‘sticky night with a black fog’ as underlines the first line of the song. The mysterious instrumental gives a rock-and-scary vibe which I appreciate and is outstanding from other tracks. 

The powerful vocal lines with ONEW, JONGHYUN—which everybody misses, and TAEMIN combined with the magnificent rapping of KEY and MINHO, become one of the best SHINee performances through the 15th years of their career. 

What do you think? Which SHINee’s song do you like? Let us know and be sure to stick around KpopWise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols! 

Silvia Luoni

Silvia has been a fan of Korean pop since 2016. Her bias group is NCT. She likes writing, reading, photography and Korean Culture.

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