Non Smokers Club Release Debut Single Album "DICKIES"

Ciera Reeves

Ignite the summer with Non Smokers Club, as this dynamic duo reshapes the Korean music scene with their scorching new double single, "DICKIES" released on May 16. Fusing genres like Reggaeton, Jersey Club, and Baile Funk with vibrant Latin music influences, their unique sound has garnered attention within the K-Hiphop market. Presenting their new project featuring the tracks ‘Dickies’ and 'Bandonin.' Non Smokers Club is now more sonically audacious.

‘Dickies’ transports you to a sun-soaked beach with its mesmerizing guitar loops and harmonizing Reggaeton drums, creating an irresistible fusion. Meanwhile, ‘Bandonin’ showcases their artistry through pulsating Jersey Club beats and enchanting Latin music instruments, complemented by seamless vocal harmonies.

With their fresh and vibrant sound, NSC defies stereotypes in the art world, showcasing that non-smokers can be equally creative and thrilling as their smoking counterparts, as exemplified in their two powerful tracks ‘Dickies’ and ‘Bandonin’’. This serves as a compelling testament that creativity transcends boundaries and that genuine artistic expression knows no limits, originating from individuals irrespective of their chosen lifestyles.

DICKIES visualizer by Kavin Al Naseeb

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