The Fourth BTS Global Interdisciplinary Conference 2023 Invites Abstract Submissions For August Event

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An annual event since 2020, The Fourth BTS Global Interdisciplinary Conference is inviting submissions of abstracts for the event that will be held on 16-17 August 2023 at the University of Malaya and the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Last date for submissions is decided to be 10 June 2023.

This year’s conference holds vital role as the band members have gone solo and have stopped group activities in accordance with the military enlistment the group members have undertaken.

BTS Global Interdisciplinary conference (BTS GIC) is a prestigious event held annually that brings together experts, scholars, and enthusiasts from various fields to explore and discuss topics related to the popular South Korean boy band, BTS. This conference serves as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural, social, and artistic impact of BTS on a global scale.

The BTS GIC provides a unique space for researchers, academics, and professionals from diverse backgrounds such as musicology, sociology, media studies, cultural studies, psychology, fan studies, and more, to exchange ideas and present their research findings. It not only celebrates the achievements of BTS but also sheds light on the transformative power of music and art in today's interconnected world.

The conference embraces a wide range of disciplines to capture the multifaceted nature of BTS's influence, exploring their music, lyrics, choreography, visual aesthetics, fandom culture, social activism, and broader societal impact.

The conference typically features keynote speeches by prominent figures in the field, who offer valuable insights into the significance of BTS and their global phenomenon. These speeches often touch upon the band's music as a cultural product, their influence on the global music industry, and their ability to connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

Moreover, the BTS GIC hosts panel discussions, workshops, and paper presentations where researchers share their studies and engage in fruitful discussions. These sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics related to BTS, including their impact on mental health awareness, gender and identity representation, transnational fandom practices, and the power of social media in shaping their success.

A platform for networking and collaboration, BTS GIC helps foster connections between academics, professionals, and fans who share a common interest in BTS. Researchers get the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and potentially form partnerships for future research projects.

Important Event Details:

·       Due Date: 10 June 2023

·       Theme for this year’s conference include:

o   “BTS in Southeast Asia”

o   “BTS and the Future”


·       Registration Fee: 500RM (around 110USD) for presenters and 300RM (around 70USD) for conference participants and students.

·       Submissions to be done through mail:

·       More Enquiry: or

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