[Concert Review] TRI.BE Shine in Boston During First US Tour

Karmina Cielo

TRI.BE performing Kiss

TRI.BE kicked off the VIDA LOCA 2023 USA TOUR this month in Orlando, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Earlier this year, the girls finished promoting We Are You, and recently followed up with an English version of the track Wonderland from the same mini album. For their first-ever tour, TRI.BE will be hitting 17 cities total, including the Regent Theater in Arlington!

TRI.BE (Songsun, Kelly, Jinha, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun, and Mire) is a 7-member ensemble, under TR Entertainment and Republic Records. They debuted in 2021 with DOOM DOOM TA and Loca, which were both produced by EXID’s L.E and Shinsadong Tiger (known by hits for T-ARA, Hyuna, and even Momoland). Unfortunately, lead vocalist and dancer Jinha was unable to join TRI.BE on tour while on hiatus for health reasons.

“One Da Loca please!”

A look inside the TRI.BE Pre-Concert Celebration 

Fan-lead projects are one of the most unique aspects of K-pop, especially during touring season. Fans of Taylor Swift created beaded friendship bracelets to trade, but K-pop fans tend to go all out: banners, cafe events, random play dances, and a variety of freebies are just a few concert standards.

Just across the street from the venue, True (fans of TRI.BE) gathered at the Bubble Nation cafe. Thanks to Kpop In Mass, fans could order specially curated TRI.BE themed drinks and pick up freebies before showtime. Fans and non-fans alike stopped by, curious about the extra decor, greeted warmly by staff and Lily Goode, who organized the event and is behind the Kpop In Mass fan page.

“It was awkward at first,” Goode shared about starting to plan events and calling venues. Cafes, for example, would be happy to accept Goode’s request, but couldn’t believe she did it for free and for fun. “I really didn’t know how to do anything at first!” And despite paying out of pocket and working mostly solo, Goode said that it was just something she truly enjoyed: “There isn’t a huge community here yet, but someone has to do it! I love meeting people, and bringing a community together.” When recalling a recent vigil she helped organize for ASTRO’s Moonbin, Goode said, “The love and support was overwhelming and beautiful.”

Her hard work paid off that Tuesday evening though, as TRI.BE surprised both Lily and the Bubble Nation staff with a visit! The girls came by just before showtime to show their appreciation and try the drinks themselves. 

TRI.BE visiting Bubble Nation (Courtesy of Lily Goode)

“TRI.BE Vida loca!”

The Regent Theater is probably the last place one would think they’d find a K-pop group performing in. Built in 1916, it regularly shows independent films, plays, and comedians. However, that night True and casual K-pop fans made their way through the doors of the theater with lightsticks and merch in hand.

The Regent Theater in Arlington decked out with TRI.BE tour posters

For soundcheck, TRI.BE treated fans with live and shocking vocals. Cheers and laughter filled the entire theater as the idols chatted with True in between sets, and joked about not knowing what song would play next. By showtime, the venue was buzzing with excitement while fans of all ages played with TRI.BE’s official lightstick in anticipation. 

TRI.BE fans with official lightsticks

Social media has long and thoroughly debated if non-fans or “locals” (typically people who aren’t a part of stan culture) should attend concerts of artists they don’t know. Due to prices of tickets and queue hassles, sometimes the verdict is to let only super fans attend. However, a smaller and intimate show like TRI.BE’s is perfect for fans that have been along the ride since debut, and for curious eyes and ears. Besides their eye-catching stage presence and setlist filled with fan-favorites, the girls made sure everyone had fun and got to know them more. 

TRI.BE covering Permission to Dance (BTS)

Unlike many K-pop acts TRI.BE have been adding a medley of covers in the middle of their shows. At the Regent, they showed off their range with performances of NCT Dream, Seventeen, BTS, and ENHYPEN! The girls also prepared an “Ask TRI.BE” segment where fans could submit questions before the show, such as whose part of a song they would steal. The members, especially leader Songsun and resident trilingual Kelly, chatted back and forth with fans, teaching them Korean and asking for Boston food recommendations. TRI.BE sealed the deal with a special finale performance of STAY TOGETHER, coming down through the aisles and singing face to face with fans. 

TRI.BE’s performances and chemistry with each other on stage were not missed, though. Despite a lot of their choreography involving high jumps and meticulous footwork, they always had time to share a smile and cheer each other on. The members are no doubt trained idols, for however much they fun they had, not a single beat was missed.

A final bow from TRI.BE

TRI.BE’s unique and diverse discography made for a very thrilling show, with no lull in energy and passion. Their dedication and skills do not go unnoticed, and this tour— with loud and proud fan chants— is proof!

Don’t miss out on TRI.BE and the rest of the VIDA LOCA 2023 USA TOUR! Check out their latest music video for We Are Young, and don’t forget to keep up with KpopWise for more K-pop news and concert recaps!

Check out the TRI.BE in Boston gallery below!

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