Top 5 K-Artists Who Hosted Self-Made Talk Shows


Being a K-Artist comes with lots of other opportunities in the Entertainment Industry such as being selected as a host in Kpop festivals, music shows, reality shows, or just an interviewing program. Artists who have been in the industry and is well known for being vocalista and musicians tend to do their individual work which helps them to show their personalities, express their identity, socialize, and connect with other artists. The episodes of these talk shows are released on YouTube Channels and their related platforms or just on their personal YouTube Vlog.

Here is a list of Top 5 K-Artist who apart from being a Musician also own a Talk Show 

IU- IU's Palette

IU's Palette is a fun talk Show with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Artists are invited to the show to promote their upcoming albums and have a 44-minute talk about their Music Album which is hosted and interviewed by IU itself. IU, who is already a well-known singer-songwriter in the industry. She not only interviews them but also covers songs or sings a duet with the guest. It's really fun to watch as a great artist like IU interact with other artists and having warm Conversations about their music and lifestyle is overwhelming and fun to watch.

Jessi- Jessi Showterview

Meet Jessi, a talented rapper, and singer who is renowned not only for her vibrant, bold, and clever personality but also for her music that carries strong messages, lyrics, and performance spirit. She hosted her own television talk show called Jessi Showterview, which offers a fresh and distinct approach to South Korean audiences. Her interactions with fellow artists on the show make for an enjoyable and intriguing viewing experience.

Min Yoongi - Suchwita

Suchwita is a variety web series in which SUGA invites artists from Hybe Labels and have a conversation on their past experience and their further plans about upcoming albums. 

The episodes consist of top and well-known artists invited who are interviewed by Yoongi itself. Fans are also excited to see the most introverted member of BTS, SUGA, interacting with young musicians and artists and also by discussing his own past experience and the challenges he faced.

Lee Young Ji - My Alcohol Diary

Lee Youngji is a rapper and is well known for winning rap TV shows. She started her talk show 'My Alcohol Diary' where she invites idols and celebrities to her home to eat and drink alcohol. Due to this show everyone came to know about her fun-loving, free-spirited, and joyful personality. 

The reason of this show getting more and more famous and is loved by the fans worldwide is because the funny, comedy and real talk of Youngji with other Idols, and on top of that the show doesn't have a purpose for inviting guests. They just talk about anything, and share their opinions or views even if it doesn't sound realistic. The guest have to prepare nothing for coming in this show or should have a sole purpose to promote their music album or dramas. 

Guests would be an actor, Idol or a musician, they just come as a real people to have a fun talk while drinking alcohol and eating which makes people familiar with their real personalities. The episodes are filled with fun and overwhelming talks of Youngji, making your eyes tear with laughter.

Eric Nam - Daebak Show

Dive Studios is a podcast production company creating a world of audio that positively impacts culture and Society. It was founded by Brian Nam and Eric Nam. Eric Nam, who is a well-known singer, songwriter, and television personality in South Korea.

It started with a Kpop podcast created by him and his brother and which in turn had a great success. As a result, Brian Nam founded Dive Studios which do podcasting especially for Kpop audience by inviting Kpop Idols and Artists to share their experiences and how did they maintain their mental health while pursuing their career and gaining fame and exposure worldwide. 

The studio has a mental health app where they share the guest podcast about mental health. It started with Eric Nam having a conversation which made a huge success and now the platforms also cast other idols to have a meaningful and realistic conversation with the guest. As a result, this talk show is filled with healthy, mindful, and realistic conversations about the guests' lives, challenges, and failures faced in their youth.

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