KPOP NATION – Korea Music Festival in the Heart of Warsaw

Ciera Reeves

is the largest celebration of Korean music. The first festival on such a huge scale in Europe will take place on September 23 at the PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland. The festival is expected to be the largest event in Europe and a very first stadium-class KPOP concert to be held in Eastern Europe. Get ready to experience KPOP in the heart of Warsaw, where East meets West in a harmonious fusion. The genuine is coming during one and only festival for KPOP Fans in Europe!

Welcome to KPOP NATION where the sounds are unforgettable and the fandom is strong! KPOP NATION is a place where melodies meet magic, beats make memories and all fans can finally be together. The festival is guided by a clear idea – it’s an event for the KPOP community. We aim to make KPOP NATION a signature event on the festival map as Europe's largest KPOP festival created for fans and by fans. In a world of KPOP, dreams become anthems sung aloud and fans become family. That’s a celebration of music, dance, and the unbreakable bond between artists and their fans as well as memories that will last a lifetime.

The KPOP Nation is a gateway to a world of infectious melodies, energetic performances, and a sense of unity that can only be found in the KPOP community. The name refers to ‘KPOP’, and ‘NATION’ which indicates the KPOP fans. KPOP started as Korean popular music and grew up with global fandom. The place where KPOP fans gather is the center of KPOP. We would like to build a community where KPOP fans from all over the world can share their passion and communicate with artists.

Join us to build KPOP NATION together. Experience the phenomenon, embrace the KPOP revolution and feel the magic of KPOP in Warsaw, Poland, where the city pulses with excitement!

The organizer of the event: SSD Media, promoter: Good Taste Production. Partners: PGE Narodowy and Eventim.

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