Brooklyn Juliana is Back with His Single "Thinking About You" Entering a New Era

Canada-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Brooklyn Juliana, has released his first single of 2023 “Thinking About You,” today. With a music video coming soon, "Thinking About You" is a deeply personal and introspective song inspired by Brooklyn Juliana's own experiences, and the communication challenges faced by his generation. Brooklyn not only showcases his powerful vocals on the track, but also demonstrates his versatility as a musician by writing the music and playing the guitar. The single seamlessly combines elements of alternative and pop, with a catchy guitar groove and rich vocals that will undoubtedly resonate with a wide range of music lovers. 

"Thinking About You" Visualizer

In a music landscape dominated by rock crossovers, the release of "Thinking About You" marks a new era for Brooklyn as he brings a fresh and relatable perspective, while also offering a warm and authentic story for his fans to connect with. While people might be expecting sterile, digital perfection as a holdover from his K-Pop days, Brooklyn delivers his affinity for all things analog in a warm and universal story for his fans to enjoy.

Admittedly a chronic over-thinker, Brooklyn puts this trait on full display with the intent that listeners will find an outlet through his new song. Despite his rise to fame through viral TikTok videos, Brooklyn remains grounded and true to his artistic vision, emphasizing the analog warmth that permeates his music. With only 5 songs to his name, as of today, Brooklyn has amassed a dedicated fan following with millions of views and streams across social media and YouTube/Spotify. 

Listen to "Thinking About You":

Song Credits: 

Performer: Brooklyn Juliana 

Composer: Brooklyn Juliana, Noah Cunane, Shawn O’Donnell 

Mixing Engineer: Matty Harris 

Mastering Engineer: Matty Harris 


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