Entertainment Company GRID Officially Launches, Set to Debut Boy Group This Year with Yorch as Member

Photo Cr. GRID Entertainment

Rookie entertainment company GRID has officially launched and is fully prepared to debut a new boy group in the latter half of this year.


The company confirmed its official launch and announced the recruitment of Thai singer and actor Yorch. They expressed their plans to introduce a new male idol group, which includes Yorch, in the second half of this year and their excitement about connecting with fans worldwide.


GRID is a comprehensive entertainment company established by a collective of creative professionals who have been at the forefront of the K-pop industry, working with esteemed artists at companies like YG and SM. With extensive expertise in planning and production roles at FNC, YG, and WAVY, and serving as the representative of 131 Label, CEO Sim Hyejin has led the team with a strong foundation, overseeing all aspects ranging from talent recruitment to artist development. With the imminent debut of their first boy group, GRID is focused on establishing a strategic direction for the team, encompassing compelling concepts, visuals, and music.


Yorch, an influential artist with a substantial social media following of over 2 million, is the first member of the new boy group. Yorch began his career as a child actor in Thailand and has garnered significant attention in the domestic market through various content. In April, he released his album “Seven (7)”, expanding his presence as a solo artist. Shortly after, he joined GRID and is now set to reunite with K-pop fans again in the second half of this year.


How do you feel about your pending debut?


I’m actually really excited for my pending debut because this is my new label’s first boy group. You know what they say pressure makes diamonds! I’ve always been excited about the unknown and I feel as if we are paving a new path as a team. We’ve been working so hard, practicing day and night, so I hope that our fans or to become fans will see that. 


How do you feel about entering GRID:


It’s been a new experience entering GRID; I’ve been learning a lot. It feels good knowing that I have my fellow members beside me and that we can face any type of hardship together as one.


Furthermore, GRID has announced the establishment of a label business in addition to their IP business for the new boy group. 131 Label, which houses male solo artists like B.I and REDDY is the first company to partner with GRID in this endeavor. With a strategic approach, 131 Label aims to enhance its global competence by creating diverse genre-blending music that builds upon the foundation of K-pop performance, as demonstrated in the self-produced albums of B.I and REDDY, as well as B.I's global hit song 'BTBT'.

CEO Sim further commented, “131 will be incorporated as a subsidiary label and fortified as a specialized label for solo artists. Throughout this process, we will prioritize maintaining its independence while providing comprehensive support for the recruitment and development of exceptional artists.


Finally, they expressed confidence, stating, "Beginning with the boy group, including Yorch, we have plans to gradually reveal more information about the members along with the group name. Please look forward to GRID's exciting developments and remarkable progress."

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