ESKM Releases His Refreshing New Single, "Summer ('til the end)"

Here to accompany us in our summer activities, Korean-American R&B singer ESKM has released his brand new single "Summer ('til the end)," on July 14, 2023.

Having been released during the peak of summer in South Korea, ESKM's "Summer ('til the end)" truly lives up to its name. Taking hints from some of his cherished memories, the song encapsulates everything ESKM likes about his favorite season. From the carefree times of his youth to the free-spending time of his 20s, summer has always meant making lasting memories for ESKM. Chill vibes, easy lyrics, and a fun tempo all evoke the feeling of summer.

The song provides listeners with a refreshing tune perfect for pool parties, beach trips, and all things summer. The lyrics illustrate a fresh and playful image of trying to reel in someone who caught your eye, making it easy to listen and relate to. Aside from the fun rhythm and blues of the melody, ESKM also brought in C.Swag, a South Korean rapper and producer who filled in a rap portion which only adds on to the refreshing charm and groove of the overall song.

"Summer ('til the end)" marks ESKM's 6th single. Other notable releases in his discography include "Gamebreaker," one of his more popular tracks that is filled with groovy beats and a catchy tune that is sure to make your head bop. Another single of ESKM is "Stay" which possesses a chiller that is perfect for vibing and relaxing in your room. Check out ESKM's discography to find the perfect song for whatever mood you are feeling!

ESKM is making a name for himself in the Korean music scene after spending most of his life in the US. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2016, ESKM dropped his full-time job as a software engineer and moved to Seoul with hopes of jumpstarting his career as a singer. 

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