[Exclusive Interview] Get to Know Multi-cultural Boy Group PLAN B

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PLAN B  the new boy group from H-LAND Entertainment are 5 members of 3 different nationalities: HWI and HAN  are Korean ROY and James are from Thailand, and HAO is from China. Comprised of exceptionally talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, PLAN B is breaking barriers and ready to capture hearts with electrifying performances, captivating vocals, and a charismatic presence. 

With a fusion of cultures and a shared passion for music, these talented artists embark on a thrilling musical journey. On July 1 PLAN B released their first song 'HALLI-GALLI.' 

 'HALLI-GALLI' Music Video

PLAN B's first single album, titled [1%], is scheduled to debut in August. The single album will have three tracks, "HALLI-GALLI'' produced by Hot Sauce ( JYP Producer ) & MinorMilo Producer who works with IKON, "LON (Overflow)", Executive Produced by F.HERO Produced by Prateep Siri-issranan, and "SUNDAY TO MONDAY." Produced by JUNG JI HYOUNG (JAYBLE).

KpopWise was able to speak with PLAN B to learn more about the members. 

Hi Plan B! Can you introduce yourselves to the fans? 

HWI:  (In Korean) Hello, I am HWI. Leader/rapper of PLAN B. The reason why I got chosen as a leader? Maybe it is because I am the member who has the warmness and soft heart that can stand up for members and fans and always be on their side? haha. I’m from S.korea by the way! Please keep me in mind.😉

HAO: (In Chinese) Hello everyone, I'm Plan B’s member Gou Chen haoyu, HAO, I’m from China. Nice to meet you all. Hope you can pay more attention and support us.

ROY: (In Thai) ​​ Hello, my name is ROY. I’m vocal of Plan B. I'm Thai and I'm hot as the weather like in Thailand. Hahaha!! A multi-Vitamin of Plan B, whenever you feel exhausted and out of energy, you can refuel from me because I’m Roy-tamin C.

JAMES: Hello everyone, I’m James rapper of Plan B.

HAN: (In Korean) Hello I’m Han from PLAN B I’m from Korea. My position is dance/vocal. I’m a maknae of the group, and they call me ‘a golden maknae’ which means All rounder and cool). Nice to meet you guys!


Can you tell us about the song 'HALLI-GALLI"?  

HWI: HALLI-GALLI is Hip-hop dance music. It is our first debut track and full of charisma and charm. Meaning of HALLI-GALLI is a name of the game which is played with fruit cards if someone collects 5 points first going to be a winner. it seem like us because we have 5 people gathered and we will walk together forever.

What was your first impression when meeting each other? 

HWI: Firstly we have seen each other pictures but when we first met I thought everyone very handsome, I’m very nervous but everyone looks very kind and smiling face so my nerve calm down.

HAO: When I first met members (for me they’re all younger brothers), we all just smiled and nodded because of language barriers. Looking back, it's really funny. Everyone was shy at first, but it was completely different once we got to know each other more, hahaha.

ROY: The first impression is that everyone is very very handsome. So, I thought it was difficult to be close. But actually, everyone gets along very easily. Because everyone is kind.

JAMES: In our first met, I was so excited to work with foreign members.

HAN: When we first met, it was very, very, very awkward, but after a few minutes, it seemed to be full of smiles. Even though everyone was awkward, it seemed like everyone's heart was the same, and funny laughter came out just by looking at each other's eyes. And I thought it was fortunate that everyone was more handsome than me.


What is a part of the song 'HALLI-GALLI' that you want to try?

HWI: I want to try the bridge part even if it is not in the music video, it is a special part.

HAO: I’ve now tried the vocal part, so I’m more interested in trying the rap part, which everyone has not seen yet, haha.

ROY:  I want to try the intro or Jame’s part. Because I think that part is difficult but it’s a point that attracts the listener. In my opinion, if the intro part was good, the listener will listen to the song until the end. That’s why I want to try that part.

JAMES: Roy’s rap part.

HAN: I want to try 1 verse after the fish intro. I really like hip-hop songs so I want to challenge myself with that important part.

What are the advantages of being in a multinational group? 

HAO: I think the biggest advantage of Plan B is that we have members from three different countries, allowing us to combine the best elements of each country and showcase our greatest strengths.

ROY: The first advantage is we don’t fight because we not using the same language. Hahaha

- The second is we can learn the culture and language of our members. And including we can learn how to work with foreigners as well.

HAN: Our Plan B members from Thailand, China, and Korea. At first, I worried that it would be a disadvantage because each country's culture are different, but the desire to become an artist is combined as one, so the three differences are good points. It seems to be advantageous by gathering together to create a greater synergy.


Who learns choreography the quickest? 

(ALL) Han. Because he is the youngest member in Plan B. Others are elderly, so it takes time to learn. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

What color do you think represents you? 


HWI: Yellow - The reason is that yellow gives a warm feeling and makes me feel comfortable.

HAO: Blue - Of course, it's blue. First of all, it’s supporting color(or say ‘fandom color’, 응원색) of my fans. Also blue is a dreamy, steady, brave color that represents the spirit of never giving up. I think it's especially suitable for me because I have been working hard to achieve my goals on the path of being an artist all these years, and never giving up.

ROY: Pink

JAMES: Dark Blue

HAN: Black - The reason is that even though it’s colorless, it’s the most impactful color, so I think it suits me best as an all-rounder. And also, it’s sexy.


Who are your favorite artists and groups? 

HWI: NCT 127 / Mark

HAO: BKPP / BTS My favorite Thai actors and singers, I would say BKPP haha, they're so sweet. As for groups, my favorite is BTS, and I hope we can become an idol group like them.

ROY: Yeonjun of TXT

JAMES: Big Bang, Stray Kids, Chris Brown, and Omarion

HAN: Big Bang / GD

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

HWI: Listen to music / exercise / watch movies

HAO: Chat with my parents, learn Thai, watch movies, and photograph.

ROY: Actually, we have been busy lately. Because we practiced very hard. Hahaha When I have free time, I like listening to our songs. Because it's the first album in my life. So, I can’t get enough of listening to our songs.

JAMES: I choreograph and compose songs when I have my freetime.

HAN: Listen to music /take a walk /Study by myself at cafe.


What do you hope to achieve in the future?

JAMES: I wanna be an artist who is globally recognized and I wish that people will be looking forward to my music.


 Follow PLAN B 

YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/@PLANB_OFC

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/planb_ofc/

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/PLANB.OFC

TIKTOK : https://www.tiktok.com/@plan.b_th

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PLANB_OFC

A special thanks to PLAN B and H-LAND Entertainment for the interview! 

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