RIKIMARU Releases Latest Single 'TALKIN'BOUT' from Upcoming Debut Album 'CLOWN OR CROWN'!

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World-class dancer and multitalented artist RIKIMARU released new single ‘TALKIN’BOUT’ on Thursday, July 27, as a first peek at his upcoming first full-length release, CLOWN OR CROWN. The album will reveal a new side of RIKIMARU, and show the world his dynamic and free-spirited charm.

Through the songs on the album, the overarching concept of “ears: listen” and “eyes: see” paints a bigger story, with RIKIMARU’s dramatic and bold performance adding impact to the senses of hearing and sight. Across 12 songs, the album traces a melancholic, absurdist view of the conflict between the “king” and the “clown”, with lyrics to some songs including acerbic takes on society and satirical lyrics.


Fans can get a taste of the album’s concept through advance release single ‘TALKIN’BOUT’, out now on all major streaming platforms. ‘TALKIN’BOUT’ was created during a songwriting session with production team Tha Aristocratz and Tiyon “TC” Mack, who have produced multiple global hits, and then refined during the production and recording process. The vocals express a wide range of emotions, layered over heavy synths and basslines that vibrate down to the marrow, and percussion packing a strong punch.


RIKIMARU participated in the entire process of producing his first solo album, from the initial pre-production stage to the completion of the project, showing his commitment to creating this special work. The album features songwriters, arrangers, lyricists and dancers from China, Japan, South Korea and the United States – all hand-picked by RIKIMARU, in an effort to expand his musical boundaries.


For ‘TALKIN’BOUT’, RIKIMARU visited South Korea, where he created a music video together with a local creative team and dancers, creating a unique visual experience. The video’s symbolic dance scenes featuring dark red waves will draw viewers deep into the album’s atmospheric setting.


TALKIN’BOUT’ music video

A concept teaser video for the album was released on July 24, and immediately began attracting attention from fans. The story of RIKIMARU’s first full-length album ‘CLOWN OR CROWN’ truly begins with this concept teaser video, which reveals a new side to RIKIMARU and uses music and visuals to convey his reimagined appeal. 


As he further refines his expressive power as a choreographer and an artist, RIKIMARU has taken a step towards becoming a global star. There is no doubt this unique talent will attract support from music fans around the world.


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