SATURDAY Makes Comeback After 2.5 Years with New Single "Find Summer"

Ciera Reeves

On July 25, girl group SATURDAY returned after 2 and a half years with a new single album "Find Summer" with the members Juyeon, Yuki, Ayeon, and Minseo

The group moved companies to Yoonso Group in 2023 and the comedian Yoon Hyung Bin participated in the production of the group's comeback with the single, "Find Summer."

'Stay' Music Video

The music video captures the summer vibe with the cool sound of waves and lush greenery. Then SATURDAY members enjoy playing in the pool and having a picnic. 

'Find Summer' consists of the title song 'Stay' and the b-side song 'Love Dream'. This single was composed by the idol group ABLUE leader WinL, and Saturday members Yuki and Minseo participated in the lyrics.

In addition, Sohn Ki-hyun and ETRE composers contributed to the album's completeness. The album contains the members' wishes for listeners to spend this summer comfortably and happily.

Yoon Hyung Bin said, "'Find Summer' is a single with a bright and exciting melody line, and the clear voices of the SATURDAY members add a sense of refreshment."

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