These Male K-pop Idols Proved K-Beauty is for Everyone

Taking care of oneself comes in many forms and that includes taking care of your skin and fixing yourself. This is a part of good hygiene and keeping oneself looking healthy.

Today, South Korea has been doing a great job hiring male celebrities to endorse K-Beauty products, marketing to both men and women.

Here are five male K-Pop idols who broke the stigma and endorsed for beauty brands:

Tomorrow X Together

Top of the list is Tomorrow X Together who became Club Clio’s brand ambassadors. last February 9, 2023. Aside from TXT, Club Clio’s past male ambassadors were K-Pop boy group, Stray Kids while their current ambassador is South Korean rapper, ZICO.


SEVENETEEN’s leader, S. Coups has been chosen as Some By Mi’s latest endorser. Some By Mi is known for skincare makeup products. Their brand is known for their best-seller, the AHA, BHA, PHA Miracle Toner, and the AHA, BHA, PHA Miracle Cream.

Bomin of Golden Child

Golden Child’s Bomin became Etude House’s model for their eyeshadow palettes and lip tints. His cute and innocent features made him the perfect model for a makeup brand catered to teens! Do you guys agree? ‘Cuz we definitely think so!


Going back to those 2nd Generation K-Pop days, SHINee became an endorser for Etude House back in 2009. They also collaborated with female K-Pop idols such as Krystal and Sulli of f(x), and Sandara Park. SHINee released two commercials with Krystal and the late Sulli, and another commercial with Sandara Park. Bonus is that short films were made with each member of SHINee with Sandara as their leading lady!

NCT 127

NCT 127 endorsed for beauty brand, ‘Nature Republic.’ Before the brand officially announced their newest brand ambassador back in 2020, NCTzens have been noticing how the members have been lowkey giving hints by showing products from the brand during their live videos. Labelmate and senior, EXO, also became Nature Republic’s brand ambassador years ago.

Christina Indon

Christina is a writer based in the Philippines. She has been a K-Pop fan since 2016, but little did she know that the genre has influenced her in writing, content creation, beauty, fashion, and music! Ever since being a K-Pop fan, Christina has been open-minded in respecting and learning different cultures. Her favorite K-Pop groups are ENHYPEN, Tomorrow X Together, NCT Dream, TREASURE, and Stray Kids. Aside from this, she also enjoys watching K-Dramas and likes actors such as Song Kang and Nam Joo Hyuk.

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