[Review] TXT, Jonas Brothers Show Us How to "Do It Like That"


From left to right: Taehyun, Kevin, Joe, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Nick, Soobin, Hueningkai

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (aka TXT) and the Jonas Brothers’ highly anticipated joint single is finally here.

'Do It Like That'is a groovy, funk-pop, summer track with catchy melodies and equally addicting choreography. The single captures the combined colors of both bands while still giving each their time to shine. It is a track that fits comfortably within both TXT’s and the Jonas Brothers’ discography in terms of sound and vibe. 

The Jonas brothers open the floor with the first verse and chorus, doing what they do best, before Yeonjun takes center stage and hands the mic over to TXT for a turn on the second verse. Both bands join forces for the bridge into the last chorus, bringing the upbeat single to a close together. With the smooth back and forth between the two groups’ vocals, one could almost mistake them all to be a singular 8-member band.

The Music Video shows the members–clothed in colorful semi-formal wear but fitted casually– smiling, laughing, dancing, and playing around on top of a completely white background–striking memories of scenes from TXT’s debut “Crown.” 

This is not the first time the quintet have collabed with a western artist–they’ve put out songs with Coi Leray, Iann Dior, Salem Ilese, and even a remix of 0x1=LOVESONG with MOD SUN-- but none quite to this caliber of promotion.

Both bands have been having fun leading up to this release, with the Jonas Brothers even releasing their own concept photos alongside TXT and posting several tik toks on their respective accounts. That promotional fun and excitement was reflected in both the song itself and the music video.

Glow Ngwe

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