Where to Buy Lightsticks Fast for KCON LA 2023: ATEEZ, IVE, (G)-IDLE, ITZY, WayV, and More!

Ciera Reeves

KCON LA 2023 is just around the corner, August 18 to be exact and as a fan, you're probably excited to support your favorite groups during the event. One essential item for any K-pop concert-goer is a lightstick. Not only do they look amazing while lit up together with other fans at the concert, but it also helps show your pride as a fan of your favorite group! 

The problem is KCON LA will be here before you know it and you need your lightstick before that, especially if you plan to travel. No worries. There are K-pop stores with warehouses right here in the U.S. that can ship those lightsticks out to you without the worry of long, expensive overseas shipping. 

Kpop Glow, is a new K-pop shop dedicated to bringing K-pop goods to the USA. Kpop Glow has gathered available lightsticks for the artists attending KCON LA this year. 


CRAVITY has captured hearts with their energetic performances and catchy music. To support them at KCON LA 2023, you can purchase their official lightstick, which features their group logo and unique design elements.

Taeyong (NCT):

NCT's Taeyong is bringing his solo performances to KCON this year. It is only fitting to bring along your
to SHALALALA support him as loud as you can. 


(G)-IDLE is a talented girl group known for their powerful performances and captivating music. To join their fans in showing support at KCON LA 2023, you can purchase their official lightstick, which showcases and incorporates their unique concept.


ITZY is a popular girl group that has gained attention for their bold and empowering songs. To light up the audience during their performance at KCON LA 2023, you can get
that is as unique as them. 


NMIXX is bringing fresh energy and talent to the K-pop scene. To support NMIXX at their first KCON appearance, bring along their official light stick that features a whale in the center. 

Taemin (SHINee):

SHINee is a legendary boy group known for their longevity and impressive discography. Taemin is ready to dazzle everyone with his equally impressive solos at KCON LA. You can support him with the official SHINee lightstick, which represents their iconic teal color scheme and symbolizes their bond with fans.


WayV is a Chinese boy group under SM Entertainment, known for their multinational lineup and captivating performances. To illuminate the venue for WayV's stage at KCON LA 2023, you can acquire their official lightstick, which is designed to represent their unique identity with the lime green letter V.

The Boyz:

The Boyz is a talented boy group recognized for their energetic performances. To cheer for The Boyz at KCON LA 2023,
their loudspeaker-shaped official lightstick.


Kep1er is a multinational girl group created by Girls Planet, that brings together talented individuals from various countries. To show your support for Kep1er at KCON LA 2023 bring along their lovely lavendar lightstick


IVE is a highly anticipated girl group under Starship Entertainment, consisting of talented trainees who have been building up excitement among fans. As they make their KCON LA debut perform at KCON LA 2023, support them with their lightstick.


ATEEZ is a dynamic boy group known for their powerful performances and engaging music. To create a sea of lights during ATEEZ's performance at KCON LA 2023, you can get their official lightstick, and don't forget to make it bouncy. 

As you prepare for KCON LA 2023 next month, don't forget to equip yourself with the official lightsticks of your favorite groups. These lightsticks not only enhance your concert experience but also show your unwavering support for the talented artists taking the stage. Be sure to check out Kpop Glow for quick local shipping. Hurry before they sell out!

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