3 Korean-Reading Apps to Sharpen Your Korean Reading Skills


Have you already studied Korean but don’t know where to practice reading? Or are you just approaching your Korean studies and want to experiment with reading? 

Good since I'm going to tell you the three apps to read Korean, from the breakthrough level to the mis5 complicated one. 

Now, let’s begin! 


This app has other languages to choose from, but today we will concentrate on Korean. It has premium features, but also the free version is good, however, the stories that can be selected are very few. 

Regardless, you can enjoy easy stories in Korean, perfect for newbies learners. 


Do you know Webtoons, right? I guess every person has listened to someone speaking up about Webtoons but doesn’t exactly know what they are. 

No problem, I’m here to answer your unspoken question. 

Webtoons are like mangas but, on the contrary, they are filled with colors, the reading is horizontal and not from right to left and they can be read mostly on apps or online. 

One of these apps is the famous Naver’s Webtoon. Nonetheless, I’m not talking about the English version but the Korean version. It has a vast catalog of unreleased comics to read in its native language. For beginners, I recommend HYBE’s ‘Dark Moon with ENHYPEN’ since I didn’t have much trouble reading it. 

All the chapters you see are readable, but if you want to continue the story and don’t want to wait until the next week, you can unlock the remaining ones with coins in the app.  


Finally, we have arrived at the most complicated app for newbie learners. It’s the NAVER’s SERIES app. 

Entirely in Korean, it contains many books in Korean. You heard me up: they are real books. 

Available with some free chapters and others unlocked with coins, you can enjoy your Korean library. If you are a fan of HYBE’s idol groups, that place is the best. 

All the HYBE’s stories — the ones available in English on Wattpad— are uploaded also in this app. Good reading. 

Cool, right? 

In conclusion, in my experience, practicing reading is one of the best methods—along with listening and speaking— to learn efficiently a language. Let me know what you think and, if you want, tell me your adventure. 

Silvia Luoni

Silvia has been a fan of Korean pop since 2016. Her bias group is NCT. She likes writing, reading, photography and Korean Culture.

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