[Concert Review] asepa 2023 Tour ‘SYNK : HYPER LINE’ in Dallas


 Photo Cr. Edaily

Ring the fire alarm, cause these girls are too spicy. aespa, a four-member girl group consisting of Winter, Ningning, Karnia, Giselle, embarks on their first headlining world tour! The tour is aptly named “Synk: Hyper Line” 

Synk being the connection humans have to ae and hyper line as Ningning described at the beginning of the show where aespa, ae, and “MY”s can meet and connect offline. 

Even though they debuted towards the end of 2020, the girls have had non-stop success with fans anticipating each comeback more than the last. The girls have even done multiple songs for various shows such as “Tetris''- “Hold on Tight” and from the Pokemon original series “We Go”. It only made sense that they would now be making their mark on the world even more by going on tour. 

aespa starts the concert going into some of their most popular songs, the first being “Girls”. These girls did not come to mess around either; they entered the stage looking as gorgeous as ever and striking the perfect moves to each beat. The energy starting right off the bat was electric. Speaking of electric, about halfway through “Girls” Winter pulls out an electric guitar. The crowd goes absolutely wild and Winter absolutely killed her solo.

aespa has this amazing style with their clothing and that is well showcased throughout the show. While their outfits being softer and more delicate with jewels. This juxtaposes their overall sound which lends itself to harder/more techy sounds. But, aespa blends these two aspects perfectly and it creates a stunning showcase. 

All of the girls solos let their talent show through. Each solo catered to the respective girl strengths. Karina’s was a stunning dance-heavy routine that captivated the audience. While Winter’s solo was a powerful ballad of love that pulled at everyone’s heartstrings. Giselle’s solo song had a deep beat to it and she was able to rap along to it flawlessly. To finish off the last segment of the night, Ningning performed her solo. She was able to showcase a wide array of vocal talents. 


Photo Cr. Edaily

To Texas “My”s surprise the setlist show was slightly altered from the start of the tour, exchanging out “I’ll Make You Cry”, “Iconic”, and “I’m Unhappy” with “Hold On Tight” and “Welcome To My World” and “Better Things”. Though the change was overwhelmingly loved as fans were originally saddened to see “Hold On Tight” excluded from the original setlist. But when the first few seconds of the song were playing and the background changed to that of a Tetris game; The energy skyrocketed to even higher than it was before. “My”s throwing up their lightsticks and jumping around in excitement in complete awe and shock that Dallas got to hear the iconic movie song live.

“My” were also overjoyed to be able to hear “Better Things” performed as it was only released a few days prior to the Dallas stop. And, despite it being a new release every single fan that was near me was happily singing along to the song and bouncing their heads to the catchy beat. 

The hours flew by so fast when watching them! I was just as disappointed as the rest of “MY” in the stadium when it was finally time for the girls to say goodbye. aespa prefaced their exit off the stage by saying how they loved Dallas and hoped that they can come back real soon to be able to connect with “MY” again. 

Trust me when I tell you; you do not have better things to do with your time than to check out aespa. 

Set list for Dallas: 




Karina Solo



Lucid Dreams

Dreams Come True

Winter Solo 

Lifes too short 

Welcome to my world

Dont blink 

Giselle solo

Yeppi yeppi 


Hold on tight 


Better things

Ningning solo

Salty and sweet

Next level 

Black mamba 

Till meet again 


My favorite stages were “Thirsty” and “Better Things”; if you were able to make it to the show what was yours? 

Photo Cr. SM Entertainment

-- By: Lexy Elder (Photographer) 

Thank you to Livenation and SM Entertainment for the invitation.

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