KCON LA 2023 Upgrades Fan Experience with Convention Programs

Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced today the details for this month’s KCON LA 2023 convention in Los Angeles. This year’s event, taking place August 18th to 20th, will feature fan-favorite programming from past years as well as new SHOWCASE and more. The three-day convention will have panels, workshops, and more opportunities for fans to interact with artists, as well as other fans and participants. The SHOW featuring K-POP artists will follow each night after the full convention day.

This year’s installment has upgraded its experiential content and space design, offering an enhanced KCON experience. KCON LA 2023’s theme ‘Be A KCONer’ encapsulates the spirit of a KCONer who connects with others and starts a new trend. The convention is designed to channel this spirit and allows KCONers to fully immerse into K-culture content.

Some of the convention programs set for this year’s event are as follows:

  • KCON SQUARE - This is where the journey of the K-culture experience begins and ends. Featuring various photo zones and an interactive digital wall that shows fan messages to artists, it is also the place where you can pick up your KCON ID CARD.

  • KPOP - Here, fans can take pictures with AR filters that project their favorite artists, as well as send a fan letter that will be randomly picked and read at the artist’s MEET & GREET.

  • K-STORY - Visitors can choose an emotion of their choice and receive a K-DRAMA or K-REALITY SHOW quote printed on a receipt that reflects that sentiment.

  • LIFESTYLE - A place where KCONers can take a break and charge their digital devices - the lounge can be accessed with the ticket they received from the sponsor booth.

  • PANEL & WORKSHOP - As always, KCON will bring artists, influencers, creators, and many more to be part of diverse interactive programs spanning K-POP, K-culture, and much more.

  • KCON STAGE - This is the main stage where the visitors can watch their favorite K-POP stars up close, and participate in various programs and livestreaming together. 

  • DANCE ALL DAY -  A perennial classic, KCON will host a wide range of K-POP  dance programs including DREAM STAGE, DANCE WORKSHOP, and RANDOM PLAY DANCE inviting KCONers to bust some dance moves. Also this year KCON will debut a new dance game featuring artists on the convention floor called ‘Shall We K-POP Dance?’

  • CJ LIVE STUDIO - The CJ LIVE STUDIO will feature K-POP DICE Game & K-POP Playlist Talk where artists and LA celebrities interact with the audience on/offline. The talk show will be livestreamed on the YouTube KCON official channel.

  • SHOWCASE: NICE TO MEET U - This SHOWCASE will feature up-and-coming artists in the world of K-POP. They will be able to perform and meet fans. 

  • KCONers’ Choice - Will bring special artist content selected by fans.

Also, KCON LA 2023 will bring back DREAM STAGE where ITZY, IVE, and ZEROBASEONE will perform along with fans at the SHOW happening at Crypto.com Arena. The participants will be selected through an audition at the DANCE ALL DAY area.

KCON LA is an annual multi-day event in Downtown Los Angeles consisting of three full days of convention activities including workshops, panels, and more, followed by musical performances from top K-pop artists each night. The event will take place from August 18th to 20th at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Crypto.com Arena. More information on the event can be found at www.kconusa.com 

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