A2K Begins Airing Two-Part Series Grand Finale

JYP EntertainmentRepublic Records, and Federal Films’ competition series, A2Kwill end with a special two-part series finale on Wednesday, September 20th, and Thursday, September 21st. 

Following the previous episode, we discovered which contestants were chosen to move onto the final stage including Kaylee, Cristina, Camila, Savanna, Gina, KG, Kendall and Lexus.

Check out part 1 of the finale 

Tune in on JYP Entertainment’s Official YouTube channel at 9PM ET / 6PM PT as the search for the first American girl group trained through the K-Pop system comes to an exciting conclusion.

With over 53M views across all episodes and an average weekly viewership of 5M viewers a week (2 episodes/week), fans across the globe have consistently tuned in to follow the journey in A2KIn case you missed it, all episodes of A2K will be available to stream on JYP Entertainment’s Official YouTube channel. For more information and other announcements for A2K visit america2korea.com


About A2K

A2K or “America 2 Korea, is a series by JYP EntertainmentRepublic Records and Federal Films that chronicles the creation of the very first American girl group trained through the K-Pop system. With auditions hosted in five major U.S. cities, namely Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas, the candidates are assessed based on four major traits that make up the ultimate K-Pop star—dancing, singing, star quality, and character. Those chosen will receive initial training in Los Angeles before being advanced to experience the exclusive JYP training in Seoul that produced numerous renowned global top K-Pop groups, including TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, and NMIXX. The contestants are assessed by top JYP executives, including J.Y. Park himself, who will ultimately decide the final members of the debuting global girl group. 

For the very first time in history, A2K implements the legendary K-Pop idol training model, formula, and discipline into a Western framework, channeling the core elements of music, fashion, talent, and fans. The series will notably be spearheaded by J.Y. Park and Republic Records Founder and Chief Executive Monte Lipman. The all-girl supergroup comprised through A2K will partner with both JYP Entertainment and Republic Records for all future music releases.

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