Beloved BOYS PLANET Trainees Debut Together as EVNNE

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On September 19, boy group EVNNE consisting of members KEITA, PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, YOO SEUNGEON, JI YUNSEO, MUN JUNGHYUN, and PARK JIHOO - all of whom have already been recognized for their talents through music survival shows, most notably, Mnet’s popular K-Pop Survival program, BOYS PLANET made their debut.

The group name EVNNE, which stands for “Evening’s Newest √Čtoiles,” holds the members’ wishes to shine higher and brighter than anybody else and to have all eyes on them. The group has released their first mini-album, [Target: ME]. With this release, the members showcase their various contrasting sides, including one that is ambitious and wild while the other is more relatable and boyish. By showing off their different charms, they aim to become the “target” of everyone’s attention.

"TROUBLE" Music Video

The mini-album includes six new songs. Starting with the title track, “TROUBLE” which expresses the group’s wild passion for shaking up the world. “Role Model” has a reimagined West Coast hip-hop sound and talks about the passion idols have for becoming role models to each other. “Pretty Thing” is a hip-hop and synth-based song that describes the act of falling in love at first sight. 

Your Text” is a groovy R&B track with acoustic sounds that dives into the hopeful feeling one gets when waiting to hear back from someone you love. Members JI YUNSEO and LEE JEONGHYEON participated in writing the lyrics for the track “JUKEBOX,” which sends an encouraging message about enjoying the moment, especially during times of struggle. The last song of the album, “Even More,” which members KEITA and JI YUNSEO participated in writing, is a medium-tempo synth-pop song and is EVNNE’s first fan song. It conveys their wish to engrave every moment spent together into their hearts.

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